Sunday, June 7, 2009

A.W.E.D- Switzerland

Switzerland - The land of lakes,snowy Alps,watches,chocolate and cheese,the heaven on earth,a tourists paradise and an epicureans delight.Officially known as 'Swiss Confederation' or Confoederatio Helvetica in Latin or simply 'La Suisse' (French) ,'die Schweiz' (German) or Svizzera (Italian),Switzerland is a heaven locked between Germany,France,Austria,Italy and Liechtenstein.The federal republic divided into 26 states is influenced by each of its neighbour and has absorbed their cuisine and has formed its own specialities .

There is no official Swiss cuisine,but Switzerland has contributed in several ways to food.The land of Cheese has around 450 varieties of Cheese.The cheese fondue is delighful contribution to world by Switzerland.The Swiss chocolate is very precious as well.Being a peasant country the cuisine relies on potato and cheese along with several meat dishes and breads.There are an amazing variety of breads in Swiss cuisine,zopf being the the Sunday speciality.The potato rosti and the muesli are breakfast dishes with muesli also being taken for lunch;the tarts,pies and quiches filled with meat,fish,multitude of veggies become the main lunch/dinner courses.Each region has its own speciality like the 'Emmenthaler' cheese from the Emmenthal region popularly known in US as the Swiss cheese,the Bundner Nusstorte or the nut cake from Engadine valley etc.

So this time lets air dash to Switzerland and get AWED by the rostis, zopf, dreikonigskuchen,fondue,fotzel,raclette,apfelkuchlein,brunsli ,chaas chuefli and so many dishes.The delicious links provided by the original epicurean dear DK of ChefInYou will help you decide what you want to have in this trip.But Please, NO SWISS ROLLS.Swiss rolls are Swiss in name only .They do not belong to or did not originate in Switzerland.The helpful links are:

The rules for getting AWED are very simple.
  • Make any dish -vegetarian (eggs are allowed in AWED) /vegan and post the same in your blog.Feel free to use the simple logo.
  • The entry should be linked to this post and also to DK's event announcement post.
  • Multiple entries are welcome,since more the entries,more the choices available.
  • Send me your 'name','recipe','recipe url' and '300 px wide pic' to ''
  • The entries should be till July 6th,2009.
  • Non bloggers can send the above details to the same mail address.
So lets air dash to Switzerland and cook up delicious meal and lets enjoy it sitting on a lake side and wishing each other 'En Guete' (Enjoy your meal in Swiss-German) or Bon Appetit .


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