Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This is a simple Rajasthani desert made of yellow or white corn or rather a simple but delectable halwa made of corn.I had seen the dish in an old issue of Tarla Dalal's magazine which had a microwave version of the dish though I think the same is available at her site also.Anyway I had a single corn cob and so decided to make it.The quantity was just enough for one person and so I think you should go for atleast 2 corn cobs.The recipe if using microwave is very easy and so I have added step by step pictures as there is not much to write.Anyway here it is

Corn Cobs: atleast 1
Milk: 1/4 cup +
Sugar: 2-4 tbsp +
Cardamom Powder: as per taste

Remove the leaves,wash and grate the corn in a microwave safe bowl.The quantity came around to 6 tbsp.The grating will also produce little liquid from the corn and looks like...

Microwave the grated corn on full power for one and half minutes.It took me 1.30 minutes thgh the original recipe stated more than that for 2 corn cobs.So I suppose the change in time depends on quantity as well as power of the microwave.The thing to note is the grated corn should get cooked and the cooked aroma and the evaporation of its liquid is the key to it.It looks like...

Add milk to this -again depends on quantity.I added around 6 tbsp of milk and microwave it again on full power till the milk gets reduced and the sweet thickens.Mine took just 1 minute.

Add required sugar and cook again for 30 secs -1 minute on 100% power till the sugar blends in with the sweet .
Take out. Add cardamom power and serve.

The quantity was just enough for one person.

The dish can also be made on stove top though it may require constant stirring so that it does not burn.Microwave makes it easier.


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