Sunday, July 18, 2010

Red Cabbage & Sprouts Slaw

Coleslaw is a simple raw cabbage salad made usually with mayo-mustard- vinegar dressing.Normally the coleslaw has no mayo or mustard as these were discovered much later than the salad itself.Instead of mayo you can use thick (Greek) yogurt or hung curd.There are several versions and these days almost all cabbage salads are called slaws and they have several ingredients and sometimes cabbage has to take a backseat.I made a simple coleslaw or cabbage salad with red/purple cabbage with alfalfa sprouts and carrots.I did use eggless mayo that I had but went without mustard.

Red cabbage: 1 cup finely chopped
Carrot: 1 cup grated
Alfalfa sprouts: 1 cup

Mayonaisse: 2 tbsp
Vinegar: 2 tsp
Sugar: 1-2 tsp
Salt&Pepper: as per taste

Wash and chop/grate finely cabbage and carrots and add to a big bowl.Add cleaned sprouts and mix well.Add mayo,vinegar,salt,pepper and sugar and toss everything together.Chill for a few hours in the fridge and serve as a side salad or sandwich filling or along with burger or whatever way you prefer.

You can use any sprouts with this and can even include onions, peppers, pineapples etc.The dressing can be adjust as per taste and any kind of vinegar or mayo can be used and you can also add herbs of choice.The sugar is also optional.

The simple yet healthy sprouts slaw is onway to Let's Sprout at Priya's very tasty recipes.


Priya Suresh said...

Wat a healthy slaw, looks very beautiful, thanks for sending CL..

Indian Khana said...

Colourful and yum...looks gr8

Satya said...

awesome looking healthy salad ...looks really inviting ...will try it soon


Swathi said...

Red cabbage with sprouts looks really good in slaw. Healthy full of color.

Sayantani Mahapatra Mudi said...

I have heard a lot about coleslaw and tis one looks very comforting.

Divya Kudua said...

Looks so colourful and refreshing!!

Vanessa Nielsen said...

"Instead of mayo you can use thick (Greek) yogurt" - great advice. It's way healthier! Maybe mix the two 50-50?

chef and her kitchen said...

VEry healthy one...looks very tempting..

Unknown said...

That looks wonderful and so tempting :)

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