Monday, September 20, 2010

Curried Corn Salad

This is a simple corn salad where fresh corn is fire roasted and tossed in with bell pepper,onion and tomatoes with a curry powder dressing. The estimates are varying and you can even use this as a chaat or a dip with chips/ potato wafers or whatever way you like.

Fresh corn on the cob: atleast 1
Tomatoes: 1 medium chopped optionally removing the seeds
Green bellpepper: 1/2 cup chopped or 1 small
Red Onion: 1 small chopped.
Cilantro: for garnish

Chilli powder/paprika
Curry powder : as per taste
Lemon Juice: as much as you like

Remove the husks and place the corn on the gasflame directly. Hold the stem and turn it as it gets roasted and turns black.It takes just minutes.

With a sharp knife, remove the nibblets from the roasted corn.

To the roasted nibblets,add chopped tomatoes,onions,bell pepper and little cilantro. Add in the spices,salt and pepper  to the mix and mix well.Top with lemon juice and garnish with more cilantro.

Let it sit for atleast 1 hour for the flavours to mix.Make in the morning,consume at night when it is perfect. Early you make it more flavourful it becomes.

You can adjust the chilli and the curry powders as per taste.If you are a pepper fanatic you can add white  pepper to it as it is less spicy than the black.Use as much lemon juice as you like as corn tastes best with lemon. You can actually mix the spice powders,salt and lemon jucie like a dressing and pour it over the veg mix, rather than adding individual items.Both works fine.

This simple salad goes straight to NCR:Corn hosted at Lisa's .

PS: you can turn this into a chaat by adding chaat masala instead of curry powder.


Cham said...

Fresh corn is almost out of season right now here! That is simple summer salad!

chef and her kitchen said...

I do this when I get fresh corn...I even add chopped raw mango n chaat tastes just yumm n divine..

Priya Suresh said...

Awesome corn salad, sounds delicious and easy..

Lav said...

hiii....first time here....Awesome yumm.... !! Happy to follow you,Do visit my space when free...


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