Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chocolat Chaud - Hot Chocolate French Style

This post was supposed to be done last saturday to be exact. But I developed cold feet. The recipe is French Hot Chocolate or Chocolate Chaud by Pierre Herme and I got the recipe from Jeffrey Steingarten's "It must've been something I ate".

If you are in US, then you may be knowing Food Network and its Sunday Show Iron Chef America. I loved it and I miss it - ok,even the reruns. Jeffrey Steingarten was a judge (and the most harsh critic of the iron chef) in most of the episodes and I hated him most of the time.Remember, 'hated' is in the past tense.

This time with my mind open and impartial, I started reading the book 'It must have something I ate' chosen by the book club and you know what,he is likeable. The book is a collection of food based articles or research by the author and imparts knowledge about breads,chocolate,baguettes,boudin noir (blood sausage) etc. The author has done excellent research in each article and have taken expert views and the book can be a guide in food research.I am not a person who loves non fiction that much,but this book has left me hooked and intrigued to know more about the food I consume.Ok, I love research and history of food interests me.I try to get information on how certain foods came about, meaning of the name etc and after reading the book have started appreciating Steingarten.

Anyway, the book contained several recipes like gratin,hot chocolate etc. I made this hot chocolate and then was hesistant to post it as I had made it with local or Indian ingredients. The recipe is expected  to be made using French Chocolate and cocoa and I felt guilty that I am using local or available items.Partially, this guilty feeling is because of the author as well. He was ready to take water from Rome, for making a Roman Bread!. Now I can't dash off to Paris for getting things like whole milk,mineral water, caster sugar and Valrhona Chocolate.Given a chance I would have done it,but I am tied down.

Then dear blogger Simran - the spinal cord of BookClub,made the same and urged me to post mine. Thus here's my version.

Whole Milk: 550 ml
Still Water: 50 ml (Mineral!!!)
Caster Sugar: 60 g
Cocoa Powder: 28 gms
Dark Chocolate : (about 70% cocoa) :  1 100 g bar ( 3-4 oz) sliced or scraped with a serrated knife (I simply grated it)

 Mix togethr milk,water and sugar and bring to boil on medium heat. Add in cocoa powder and chocolate slices and  bring to boil. Reduce and let it cook  till chocolate is melted and mixed well. Simmer for few minutes till required thickness is reached.

Blend with an immersion blender or 30 seconds in a normal blender.Enjoy the perfect elixir for wintery nights.

Ummmmmmmmmm,....... . EXCELLENT drink. I Salute Pierre Herme.No wonder chocolate is known as the Food of Gods and Herme the Best Chocolatier.

 We can say good bye to instant chocolate mixes.The sharpness of the cocoa is perfectly balanced by the sugar. Well, I used my semi sweet baking bar and not dark chocolate as mentioned. Still I am wondering, if it is this good with the local items,how much more it will be with the author mentioned brands . So there, when is the next flight to Paris? Do catch up the other posts for Steingarten in This book makes me Cook.


Akila said...

simply love it...

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Unknown said...

Hey, that's good, a slightly different way of making hot chocolate :)

Swathi said...

I am open to any kind of hot chocolate this one looks delicious.

Priya Suresh said...

Yumm!!!am an addict to this hot chocolate..

AJ said...

Yumm!! Perfect for a snowy evening!!

Kitchen Boffin said...

looks great.. a hot sip of that on a cold day will be real bliss.. love it!

Cham said...

Hot choco is my fav-love the dark choco addition!

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