Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shanghai Bok Choy Stir Fry

Bok Choy or pak choi as it is also known is a Chinese vegetable belonging to the cabbage family. Along with napa cabbage, bokchoy -literally known as small white vegetable with it white stems and green leaf reminiscent of celery rather than the traditional cabbage- is grouped as Chinese cabbage.There is another variety of bokchoy known as baby bokchoy or Shanghai bokchoy which are smaller than the normal bokchoy,but given time may grow into normal bokchoy. You can also check out the differences between varieties of bokchoy here.

I got a bunch of baby bokchoy from my nearby store and immediately tried a stirfry with it. I have adapted this from Jude of Applepiepatispate where she had made a spicy stirfry with chillies.

Baby Bok Choy: a bunch
Fresh Red Chillies:1 or 2 as per taste
Garlic Cloves: 2-3 medium
Peanut Oil: 1-2 tbsp
Salt: as per taste

Clean the bokchoy by trimming the bottom and separating into stalks. While separating you may end up with a small baby in the middle of the stem. This is known as bokchoy heart.Keep it as such and do not separate it into two.Clean the stalks thoroughly in several changes of water as they may contain sand/grit. Once clean pat dry with paper towels. Keep aside.

Chop the red chilly and the garlic cloves into chunks.

In a wok.add in oil.When it shimmers,add in the chilly and garlic.Stirfry for a few seconds so that the  garlic turns aromatic but never burns.Add in bokchoy leaves and stirfry for 1-2 minutes till they start wilting. Add in salt and check the taste.Serve immediately.

Mine was correctly coooked,but by the time, I clicked pics,it looked mushy,so bear with me.The dish is quick and whole and taste and spicy.
You can also reference Jaden of SteamyKitchen for another simple stirfry.


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