Thursday, June 30, 2011

Apple Buttermilk Coffee Cake

A Coffee Cake is either a cake flavoured with coffee or cakes preferred with morning/evening coffee.In case of latter, it is usually a cake made with spices,fruits or nuts. I usually prefer such type of cakes especially as a warm dessert for rainy evenings.The warm scent of fruits and spices definitely makes the weather bearable and the tummy satisfied as well. This is a simple apple coffee cake I tried today from MyRecipes. Its very easy to make and is low in fat as well.

Apples: 1 cored and thinly sliced or 1.5 cups of slices
Brown Sugar: 2-3 tbsp
Cinnamon: 1 tsp or more as per taste
(Mixed spices can also be used)

All Purpose Flour: 1 cup
Baking Soda: 1/4 tsp
Salt: 1/8 tsp

Butter: 2 tbsp soft
Sugar: 1/3 cup

Egg: 1
OR  Ener G Egg: 1.5 pkd tsp + 2 tbsp water + (1-2 tbsp extra water as needed)
OR 2 tbsp cornflour/starch + 1 tbsp water = 1 egg

Vanilla Extract: 1 tsp
Almond Extract: 1/2tsp

ButterMilk: 1/2 cup (preferably low fat)

Walnuts: Handfuls

Icing Sugar: 1/4 cup
Buttermilk: 1-2 tsp (2 if thining is needed)
Vanilla: 2-4 drops

Additional garnish: sprinkles,icing sugar etc

Core,halve and thinly slice apple. In a deep saucepan, saute the apple slices with brown sugar and cinnamon and optionally other spices if using. Saute for a few minutes, till the sugar dissolves and turns syrupy and the slices look brownish. Keep aside.

In a small bowl, mix/whisk together flour,soda and salt.

In a wider and deeper bowl, cream together butter and sugar till well blended.Beat in the egg and the extracts and continue. The mix may look curdled a bit but thats okay.

 Add flour and buttermilk alternatively starting and ending with flour. You will be getting a thick pourable batter which you spread on a greased round cake dish . 

Arrange the apple slices over the cake.Sprinkle with the nuts -almonds or I used walnuts.

Bake in a preheated oven at 350F/175C  for about 20-25 minutes until the cake pullsout the edges and start to brown.

Cool in the pan for 10 minutes and then transfer (using another plate) onto a rack to cool completely.Cut into wedges and serve drizzled with the glaze and topped with more sugar /sprinkles etc.

Glaze: Whisk together all the ingredients to get a thick or thin (add more buttermilk/milk) glaze. Drizzle over the cake either before cutting into wedges. Or drizzle on individual wedges.

The cake turned out to be spicy and fruity. But it was a bit thinner than I expected. May be the dish I used was too large for the batter.It did rise and cooked perfectly and was a bit spongier as well. It looked like an apple topped pizza but do not go for shape. Go for the taste and enjoy.

This simple coffeecake is off to Monthly Mingle: Apple Affection at MyEasyCooking, an event by Meeta


Divya Kudua said...

The Apple pattern on top makes the cake looks so pretty!!

Nithya said...

Beautiful looking cake. I love apples in bakes :)

Unknown said...

wow, I love cakes with apples in it and then coffee, wow divine combinations :)

Priya Suresh said...

Incredible and beautiful looking cake, seriously feel like having a slice..

diet pills said...

This is a very interesting recipe and I haven’t tried coffee cake before. I’m going to try this on my own.

Reshmi Mahesh said...

Delicious looking coffee cake...

chef and her kitchen said...

Lovely flavors in d cake..looks delicious n yumm

Swati Sapna said...

Apple and coffee? Two of my favorite flavours in cakes and bakes :) irresistible!

Vatsala. said...

Pretty cake. First time here and following you. Hope you will visit me too.
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Sally - My Custard Pie said...

Great baking and mingling with you. Lovely cake.

Thanks for visiting my Blog

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