Monday, April 16, 2012

Britannia 50-50 Snackuits - Very Very Tasty Tasty

Have you ever imagined the day to day life of a homemaker? Early morning making breakfast,getting kids ready for school and the cooking lunch/snacks for kids/husband tension, supervising the maids, rushing to the gym (optional), rushing back to take care of the kids/maid/cooking/telephone calls etc. This is the daily scenario in any household. It might seem boring to you but for her its the LIFE.

Have you ever thought how the homemaker gets the energy to carry on these tasks. We know how late they eat a barely proper meal (call it leftovers) and how fast. And what about snacking? Thats supposed to be totally offlimits! Because you will put on weight!But what if you want to snack healthily ?

Britannia is a leading food company that has recently launched 'Snackuits'  as a part of its ever growing 50-50 brand. The 50-50 brand is mostly aimed at homemakers who are always in a rush to meet some deadline or the other. The brand respects the homemaker and celebrates the self confident,unconventional and the whackier side of her.And its shows in the taste of snackuits. The savoury crackers come in 3 irresistible flavours - Italiano Pizza, Swiss Cheese &Chilli and Chinese Hot & Sweet.

Snackuits are savoury crackers/biscuits that go perfect with tea and the usual gossip associated with homemakers. They are baked, and has cut back on cholestrol,MSG,transfat and oil. They make sure your  life is happy and healthy.Often stress decides our choice of snacking and this goes for all types/categories of people and not just housewives.So its my personal opinion that snackuits are perfect for all age groups.

People have this silly belief that homemakers do nothing but snack and gossip!. But now if snackuits are there then I too would love to gossip especially if its Italiano pizza. 

The moment you open the foil pack, a wonderful herbed aroma transports to a 'wait until tables are free' pizzeria, with its comforting atmosphere. You feels too tempted to stop at one snackuit.This is my daughter's and mine personal favourite. 

Next comes the Swiss cheese and chilli- The aroma of cheese and the tingling chilly sensations entices you and bring out the unconventional side of you. The comforting cheese married off to spicy chilly is unconventional but comforting to the heat loving Indian palate be it a homemaker or a rebellious teen.

The Chinese Hot and Sweet bring out the naughty yet nice side of you with its balanced spicy and sweet taste. Just like how a homemaker balances all her chores !

How different is it from Britannia's NutriChoice brand that launched snexy Thins and Roasty?Well, the primary difference is the category of consumers it is aimed at. Both are baked products for snacking and more variety for consumers more the better.We can also say the success of thins and roasty speeded up the launch of snackuits especially in the South. 

The snackuits are priced at Rs.10/- for a 30 gm easy-to-carry pouch, while a bigger 50gm packs are prized Rs. 20 each. So do munch on..

BTW don't forget to watch the commercials of Snackuits on TV or YouTube. They bring a smile on your lips and make life  Snack Happy!

Truly Naya Concept Hai ji.....


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oh i tasted three flavor its really very nice!!! quality & quantity ... really very super ...

pls sustain the same quality & quantity !!!

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