Saturday, September 29, 2012

Review: The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi

Do you believe the Mahabharatha War took place in reality? Its not just a myth? Did ancient sages knew about nuclear power,cloning etc? Do you believe in Krishna or the Dashavatars of Vishnu? Is it time for the last but never the least Kalki Avatar? Read the Krishna Key if you have answered most questions in the affirmative. Here science and mythology have been combined to produce a thriller.

I had wanted to read the first novel by Ashwin Sanghi -The Rosabal Line. I missed the second book also and  finally got to review the latest 'The Krishna Key'.  This was my first time with historical thriller. And from first page itself, I was hooked to it. This is big coming from a person who avoids thrillers and have always questioned mythologies.

Right from the first chapter we come to know about the murder of top archeologist  Anil Varshaney and who murdered him? But why? How is it related to Krishna? What is the Krishna Key?  The plots thicken as we go through several twists and turns,planned murders and from Dwaraka to Kailash to Somnath to Brindavan along with top historian Ravi Mohan Saini who is accused of murdering his best friend Varshaney.

The book picks up speed as we go through well researched characters with devious minds.The style of writing is good, like Bollywood flashbacks and entertainment is guaranteed. Except for stretching and dragging at few places and one or two errors at page 301 where the inspector's name is replaced by that of another character. Proof reading er,.. not done?Such errors are deterrant to a keen book worm. 

The book and the contents  shows how well or exhaustively the author has researched and woven fact and fiction to create a entartainment fabric. For the research and the mindset gone into it the author deserves applause.Overall the book is a good read. And I can't wait to catch up with the other two books that I've missed. 

For those who are surprised to see a non food post let me repeat that I am a book worm who chomps through all sorts of books. Though recently it has been restricted to food books, I wanted to review this book because I had missed the previous titles from the same author. Thanks BlogAdda for giving me the chance to review the book.

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