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Best Premium Basmati | Real Best Basmati

Rice or Anna has been a major part of Indian food and in general Indian Culture. Though Anna generally refers to food, it also refers to rice or the maincourse. Rice or Oryza Sativa (Asian Rice) or Oryza Glaberrima (African Rice) has been respected by one and all and this is true not just in India but worldwide. And ofcourse there have been several varieties of rice and hundreds of rice preparations and obviously hundreds of rice brands.

A popular type of rice is Basmati. Though originally part of North Indian cuisine, these days you can see it in South Indian households as well. The word Basmati means "Full of aroma " with "bas' standing for aroma.We can actually divide the rice types as basmati and non basmati. It is said that Basmati is a perfect rice even for diabetic as it has a lower glycemic index than other rice types. 

Recently I got a sample of Best brand Premium Basmati and tried it. I had heard about the brand in television and news papers and have seen their products in supermarkets and sometimes even smaller convenience stores here in Bangalore. I am not an expert with rice though I can definitely differentiate between some  or few varieties thanks to the daily use. And I prefer basmati for my pulavs, biryanis and sometimes even few desserts.

It is said that a basmati can be identified by flavour and texture.While I am not sure how to find the age of basmati and all, I love the aroma of basmati, before and after its cooked. Now coming to Best Premium basmati,the aroma was there -not over the top as I expected and I was a bit hesistant to try it out till I saw the long thin grains.

Cooking revealed the non sticky, extra long texture of the basmati. And I was definitely floored Of course  I must add here that the aroma did increase and the extra long and thin 'size zero'  rice grain definitely makes your day and elevates your main course.

 The rice can be used for a variety of preparation with or without veggies/meat. The rice can be cooked stovetop or in a microwave. The pack gives the exact cooking time in each and also doubles as a resealable container. So that definitely takes care of storing the rice in another airtight container.

 I would definitely recommend this based on my experience. The Best Food Group has a variety of basmati and non basmati items including brown basmati. Brown basmati is has lower glycemic index than the regular basmati and is definitely much more healthier option.

Out of ten, if I am to rank Best Foods Basmati, I will give a 8 to it. I felt (may be my olfactory nerves are not working ! :) ) the aroma was slightly less though it was there. Apart from this factor I find it perfect for all your variety rice preparations and a perfect partner for your culinary skills. It comes in 1kg, 5 kg, 10kg and even 25 kg packages.

1 kg pack of  premium basmati is sold at an mrp of Rs.180/-.

Its a bit on the high side I felt but seriously, its definitely worth it. The rice is of high quality and the company also guarantees the same. The rice comes from prime rice growing areas in India including Himalayas and is aged for atleast an year as needed for basmati. In general BEST Food gives you the BEST rice.

The company is based in Delhi and has locations in other metros as well. You can check out the official  website for getting more information on your daily staple and also try out the various recipes that are a part of the website.


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