Friday, July 5, 2013

Pinkberry | Lighten Up with a FroYo

On 2nd July 2013, Pinkberry opened its Frozen Dessert Bars in Bangalore,Chennai and Mumbai.

PinkBerry is a  Frozen Yogurt Dessert brand from US famed for its tart yogurt. Originally from LosAngeles, India is the 19th country where it has opened its has opened its first 3 franchises along with JSM Corporation who manage the HardRockCafe,

Started in 2005, by Hwang and Lee Pinkberry has grown into a brand favoured by celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. All thanks to its tart yogurt especially pomegranate which is their popular  flavour ever since they introduced it in 2008. In India they have introduced lassis in their menu along with their regular flavours of original, pomegranate and chocolate.

My favourite!?
 Salted Caramel flavour with or without toppings. 

BTW, did I tell you about the toppings!?

Take a look at the varied toppings ranging from simple gems, fresh fruit pieces,jelly bears, etc to red velvet bits, brownie bits, granola  etc.The toppings are free and as far as I know unlimited. 

Did you know they serve a Dhokla Yogurt too. with  khatta meetha or mixture topping. Not to mention the cucumber and cherry tomato toppings as well.

Unfortunately I couldnot have the dhokla yogurt as I went there prior to the official opening and they had just prepared 3-4 of their popular flavours. The crowd was out of control  that day with socialites in minis and make up to common citizens in their casual wear and with kiddies turning up just to sample the yogurt and check out the new brand.

The staff on service were amicable and patient despite this pullout and I could even take pics from inside the serving area.I was told that the brand will source most of items locally though flavourings will be imported from US.

And Price? 
The prices range from Rs.75 for a small cup of froyo to Rs.160 for a large glass of Dhokla yogurt. Taxes extra.

Value for Money?!

You have to pay for the quality and the brandvalue. Still Unsure whether to go ?
For the salted caramel flavour I would say yes, go for it. You can check out the place, have a nice low fat dessert (as compared to icecream)  mix and match with the toppings , spend time with your family or friends in a healthy way.

The restaurant area has cozy tables and chairs, just enough or as needed for a dessert bar.

 But who says you have to sit and eat!

Have a Fro Yo on the Go! 


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