Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dry Fruit Laddoos | Quick Fix Sweet

Diwali is long gone. Normally Diwali posts are before the festival. But for me I am busy that time. Sometimes cleaning, sometimes real work other times laziness. Something or other to keep myself busy. Usually I make the traditional poha for Diwali. This time I tried a quick fix laddoos as well. The no sugar, no bake nutty laddoos are courtesy Chef Ajay Chopra, who was demoing this recipe while I was surfing channels. 

The recipe is pretty simple, and it takes barely 10 minutes to bring everything together. It can be made vegan and is lowfat and sugar free. The original video can found here.

Almonds: 1/3 cup chopped

Flax Seeds & pumpkin seeds: 1/3 cup each

Dates: 1 cup deseeded and chopped
Figs: 1/2 cup chopped



Poppy Seeds: 2  tbsp
Dessicated coconut : 1/2 cup 

Roast almonds and flax & pumpkin seeds till aromatic. Keep aside to cool a bit.

Add the chopped figs and dates and the toasted mix to the processor bowl and blend to a fine paste. You can actually powder the toasted nuts and seeds a bit before adding the chopped dry fruits. 

I had previously soaked the dates and figs before chopping them as this makes the blending easier. Add the dark brown paste mix to a bowl.

Toast the dessicated coconut and poppy seeds till aromatic and transfer it a wide plate. If using dried coconut flakes then toast the poppy seeds alone and mix with it. If not a fan of poppy seeds, then feel free to leave it out as well. 

Apply ghee/oil to hands for the ease of rolling. Pull out palmful portions from the mix , roll into a ball within greased hands, roll in the coconut- poppy seed mix. Arrange in a serving dish.

These can be stored in an airtight dish. I store in the fridge as I don't want to take chances. A simple quick fix which is sugar free and filling. A wonderful way as well to use up the dry fruits and nuts that you have received as Diwali gifts as well.


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