Friday, February 20, 2015

Parsi Brown Rice ... | Perfect Sunday Lunch

Sunday lunch is usually a big affair in most families. Sunday was the time all the members of the family were available at home for lunch. Or even family members from nearby places dropped in or sons/daughters paid their customary visit to parents. In general Sunday lunch was the time you met all your old grandparents, uncles, aunts and younger cousins and sometimes even two -three extended family branches (who dropped in without invite ) also. It was a hectic sunday full of fun ,games and laughter and entertainment. 

And the lunch or brunch as it is nowadays was also special. Something elaborate which most of the members joined to cook or lend a helping hand. Or something equally complex, full of flavours but easy,filling,rich and healthy. I still remember my friend nostagically telling about the vegetable biryani/pulao that made her Sundays worth growing up and yes she still carries on her tradition in her home..

Anyways something that was on my Sunday lunch list of recipes was Parsi Brown Rice and Dhansak dal. Brown rice is actually rice cooked in caramel water along with onions to give it a light brownish colour. It is a Sunday main dish along with heavy dhansak dal. I was putting off the making of brown rice for a long time thinking that it will turnn out sweet. Even while making I was worried. But one taste and I was more than happy. This will definitely be one of Sunday regulars.. 

On other thoughts why wait till Sunday? Anyday is fine if you have plan the dishes... Anyways spiced with cinnamon and cloves this rice dish can be served at any meal and it is a must with Dhansak dal . The rice is also mentioned as Parsi Pullao in Madhur Jaffrey's World vegetarian from which I have adapted mine.

Sugar: 1.5 tbsp
Oil: 4 tbsp (I used less)
Cloves :8
Cinnamon: 2 inch piece or 5cm stick
Onion: 1 medium peeled and cut into thin half rings
Basmati rice: 450 g or 3/4 pint ,washed,soaked for atleast 20 minutes and drained.
Salt :1 tsp or as per taste


Put the sugar in a small sauce pan on medium-low heat. Allow the sugar to caramelize and brown without stirring. Add in around 8 floz or 250 ml of water to this carefully as it will bubble. Stir, then pour into a measuring jug. Add more water to this to make up for 600 ml or 1 pint of water or as much water needed to cook the rice.

Heat oil in another deep pan on medium -high. Add the whole spices and let these sizzle. Add in the onion and stirfry until they brown a bit. Now add in hte rice and salt. Stir gently to coat the rice with oil. Pour in the caramel water and bring to boil. Cover,reduce the heat and cook until rice is done.

A very simple yet delicious rice.The combo of rice and dal is yum.. My daughter who has unique tastes(!!) scared the hell out of me when I told her about the dish. I was sure I will have to open a packet of instant noodles which I keep handy in emergencies like this. 

I served her and went inside the kitchen and waited for fireworks.. none came thankfully.. She was very quiet while savouring spoonfuls and just gave a thumbsup sign.. So thank God and ofcourse Madhur..


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