Monday, March 2, 2015

Magnum Choco Cappuccino | Cruuunnnnnnnnncchy.... Ummmmmmmmmmmm aka Heaven on Earth

I believe chocolate is your best friend. Nothing could beat chocolate to pick you up from various mood swings, depressions, celebration .. whatever in life you can celebrate with chocolate..

I loooove chocolate and last year went UMMMMMMMMMM... on a Magnum. I personally thought nothing could beat the chocolate truffle flavour..

That was till I discovered chocolate's best friend .. Coffee.

 This year Magnum has launched its ultimate flavour the choco cappucino... for all those who love their coffee and chocolate. 

 I never liked coffee- even now I prefer tea to coffee. But when it comes to baking its coffee that I want especially while baking with chocolate. 

The friendship between chocolate and coffee is such that each enhance the other and make it all the more better for you.Thats what was shown in the MasterClass by Asia's best Pastry chef Janice Wong and  World Barista Champion and authority on Coffee , Fritz Storm. 

The champion pastry chef Janice Wong, founder and owner at 2am.dessert bar, Tokyo spoke about the varieties of chocolate, difference between Belgian and Swiss chocolate, vowed up with her simple yet complex  chocolate creation and also on how to enhance a Magnum. 


Given below is her creation -Magnum Choco Cappucino with Chocolate Water Mouse.

We were also fortunate enough to get a taste of chili chocolate dessert. And mind you it was not just your chilli powder but fresh birds eyes chilies. We took a bite of the very simple sweet looking dessert thinking where's the chili, and a second later fresh red chilies exploded in mouths. Despite of being used to the Mexican and other chili chocolate combos, this one definitely takes the cake (umm spice). No wonder Janice Wong is Asia's best Pastry chef.

World Barista Champion Fritz Storm traced the journey of coffee from seed to cup, how each coffee is different and what we can do to enhance it. He gave us tips to enhance our daily cuppa and vowed with coffee martini and coffee champagne .

Martini .... 

I am leaving few pics on how they worked together to tantalise the sense.

In the midst of this the Star of the moment - magnum Choco Cappucino was launched with all of us going UMMMMMMMMMMM.. Wait lets do it one more time...

Open the wrapper,
Take a lovely bite and feel the CRUUUUNCH its just Belgian chocolate shell  studded with caramel sugar exploding in your senses, exposing a creamy vanilla icecream with ripples of chocolate coffee sauce. Which then you savour and go UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Don't believe me, Go get your own MAGNUM CHOCO CAPPUCINO.. 

Its out there at all retail stores, starting March 1st,2015 . Go get your piece of Heaven on Earth at just Rs.90/- 


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