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Goli Vada Pav | India's Vada Pav No. 1

Fast Food is something we associate with videshi or foreign cuisine, something not related to Indian cuisine. Generally we feel these are the best and a matter of prestige even though we have tough time accepting the taste of these unhealthy items despite their attempts at Indian variations.

But have we ever thought of an Indian snack or food being provided as  fast food? This concept has been brought to reality by Goli Vada Pav - Indias leading ethnic fast food brand.

Our quest for different tastes and flavours allow us to enjoy both road side chaats and upscale franchisee driven fast food.We enjoy both and try to be modern as well as traditional. We never think of combining the concept and try to have an ethnic food as a big chain with franchisees across the states and even in small towns. This was made true by Venkatesh Iyer and Shivdas Menon who had the crazy idea of making vada pav the talk of the nation.

A simple spiced potato fritter sandwiched between two pav bread slices and served with green chillies or spicy chutney is a popular street food of Mumbai. Now for this simple snack to become a talk of nation  or in filmy terms - a pimple faced , pig tail wearing spectacled just out of school girl to become the glamourous heroine was not so simple. Ofcourse this took little time since 2004 when the first Goli store came up in Mumbai. The makeover of a street side food to gourmet delight at the same time keeping an eye on the authenticity, hygiene and variety is definitely a story worth knowing. Giving tough competition to foreign brands in fast foods, Goli is one of the top ethnic food chains in India with its 350+ franchisees across India--. a true "Make in India" brand.

I have not tasted a Mumbaiya vada pav from chowpatty. But I have heard friends vouching for a Goli vada pav. I had my first taste of Goli when it opened in my apartment complex. I had my first taste of Goli vada pav when it opened in my apartment complex. Since then I visit it off and on. Though I am not a fan of the classic vada pav, I pretty much like everything else. Whenever they introduce new things I make sure I try it . Its also good to see the friendly and professional approach in customer handling and service.And a sizeable
variety of vada pavs to choose from. The menu boasts of original Mumbaiya or classic vada pav, Schezwan vada pav, makai palak etc along with cheese fingers, saabudana vadas, and varieties of kulfis and juices to choose from especially during summer. They have also introduced a lunch dabba for the office goers and also party combos for small to big parties.Topped with mayo or white butter and served with fried spicy green chillies, the meal is very satisfying. My favourite till date has been a spinach corn (makai palak) vada pav.  Till date ie.. till I tried the new Paneer Surprise.

Goli has come out with few new additions to the menu like Maharaja Vada Pav, Paneer Surprise etc each one better than the other.Maharaja vada pav as the name says is a bigger size veggie vada between pav along with dollops of mayo. Whereas the paneer surprise has square pavs stuffed with crumbed and fried paneer squares spiced to perfection.Yum.. its heaven.

Why am I telling you all this? The vada pav sells itself..

Goto a Goli store and check out.. try to find your own flavour. There a Goli store in every locality and a Goli vada pav for every one. The taste is standardised across all the franchisees as the vadas or patties are shipped frozen from a central manufacturing facility. These are freshly fried based on orders and have a shelf life of around 9 months.The company ships the patties every 2-3 days to all the franchise stores.

That I feel is good as the taste, hygiene and quality can be controlled. But from a customer point of view, its inconvenient. I have seen the Goli store in my complex closed from several days and even weeks as the patties had gotten over and several customers disappointedly turning back. I do hope it was just a teething trouble with every new store and that the management will look into this issue.

Do check out the Goli website and also read the Goli story.

Goli + Vada Pav + Chai = Awesomeness


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