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T&T:TastyPalettes A Delicious Round Up

Last month was delicious with Tasty Palettes.I expected and received several delicious entriesSeveral taste testers showed the admiration for dear Suganya ,some cooking more than one which definitely is a great way to show how much they enjoyed the food.Without any delay lets see who all entered the party and what they brought along.

The entries are in random order.So lets start the party with the creator herself-
Zlamushka presents her tasty plate- Vegan lemon poppyseed cookies,

Simple,light yet flavourful and healthy vegetable oats upma,

Delicious appetizer of eggplant bake, and also goes -with- anything tomato pesto with walnuts.

Then comes Rekha of Plantainleaf with carrot muffins which in her words require no changes and are perfect in measurement.
We have EC of SimpleIndian Food with spicy hot Punjabi Aloo

Poornima of TastyTreats with Baked sweet potato fries-healthy and delicious evening snack
and also chocolate chews -cookie shaped brownies for crazy chocoholics(like me)

Divya Kudua of Easycooking was happily lost among the delicious pictures and admiringly baked banana muffins which she made eggless and added choco chips.
Trupti of Recipecenter also made the delicious banana muffins which she made eggless and added almonds.

Versatile Priya of easy and tastyrecipes presents a variety of tasty dishes

Delicous Tomato Bread Soup

Saffron rice with Punjabi okra

Curried eggplant rice
All super comforting dishes which tried and tasted during weekend lunches.Ahh what a weekend that was...

A&N of reluctant chefs cooked up the chilled Cucumber Soup and she tells us she regrets not eating cucumbers before.

Cham brought with her a delicious plate of Curried Eggplant rice- simple and easy with handy ingredients yet bold and flavourful

Yasmeen of Healthnut started with a Chilled Avocado Soup -now a regular in her avocado recipes

Followed by Almond Pate almonds being her favourite.

Then she presented us with a Lentil Fattoush Salad which made a wholesome meal

And a comforting and traditional plate of Venpongal and gosthu which she enjoyed at lunch.

Asha of Foodies hope also brought with her the delicious combo of VenPongal and gosthu -very tasty and traditional Tamilian combo she says

Maya of Konkan world is awed by the variety of cuisine and photography in TastyPalettes.She presents comforting Tried Tasted and Loved Platter of

Palamusu Curry

Pepper Garlic and Cumin Rasam with roasted potatoes.

Arundathi of MyFoodblog presented us with delicious Kadambam Rice -she had heard this before and could not wait to try Suganyas version which she loved

KC of Kitschow brings in a healthy BrownRice bowl.She finds several recipes that fits lent in TastyPalettes.

Lubna of Kitchenflavours enjoyed a delicious meal with spicy Tomato Rice

and rounded it off with a cool watermelon granita

Soma of Ecurry brings us a piping hot bowl of Tomato Bread Soup or Pappa al Pomodoro -perfect all season soup she says

Hema of SalttoTaste presents a piping hot bowl of Kadambam rice as well -she had to grind the ingredients to make podi but the effort was worth it.

Ashwini of Spicy Cuisine presents a delectable side dish of Cabbage Mor Kootu which goes well with rices as well as rotis.

Lisa of Lisa's Kitchen sends us a savoury choice of pancakes for dinner with Cornmeal Pancakes with Fresh Chunky Salsa

Aparna of MyDiverseKitchen went in looking for an unusual dish and here she presents us Almond Pate Crostini

Bhagyashri of TasteBuds sends us Spicy Pepper,Cumin and Garlic Rasam -her first attempt that had a delicious end result thanks to Suganya

Pavani of CooksHideout, a regular visitor to TastyPalettes has tried several dishes and she makes sure she took the pics this time.She sends in a healthy platter of Sweet Ragi Dosa & Lentil Fattoush

Usha of MySpicyKitchen sends us savoury Corn Muffins which she enjoyed for lunch and also dinner.

Susan,the Well Seasoned Cook,sends in MorKali -South Indian savoury riceflour and buttermilk pudding which she enjoyed for breakfast and lunch and whats more, thanks to precise microwave instructions by Suganya,she actually started using the microwave.

Sunshinemom of TongueTicklers was so awed by the beautiful food pics that she was in a dilemma what to try and taste.Her son solved the problem for her and also gave us a delicious Varuthu Araitha Kootu which was enjoyed by the whole family

Madhu of Ruchi sends in Spicy Corn Muffins which are simple yet delicious she says.And whats more she made them eggless too.

Jayasree of KailasKitchen sends us tangy melt in the mouth Lemon Poppyseed cookies which was a bookmarked recipe and obviously a keeper recipe.

And last but not least my personal tasty tour with Suganya enjoying

Tofu Fajitas

Pasta e Ceci

Easy Eggplant Bake


Spicy Dal with roasted vegetables.

Zlamushka says she has "learned from Suganya that complicated looking dishes are so simple and you cannot go wrong with them "and this round up proves exactly that.

I hope I have added all the entries received.Do mail me or comment here if anyones tasty platter on TastyPalettes is missing.Do checkout this months T&T:Lisas Vegetarian Kitchen with the current host Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen


FH said...

Great looking round up, good job! :)

Yasmeen said...

Delicious round up Indeed.I still have lot more recipes to try from the tasty blog,I enjoyed participating,thank you:)

Arundathi said...

wow this is truly amazing. great round-up and some incredible new links to try. thanks for including my contribution.

lubnakarim06 said...

Wow yummy roundup... I think almost everything was cooked and relished by us......Three cheers for the event.....

Anonymous said...

Great yummy round up..lovely style !!

Trupti said...

Lovely Round up . Thanks for hosting this lovely event.

Waiting for ur entry for CFK:Rice event.

Ashwini said...

Very nice roundup..I have bookmarkrd tasty palettes to try more..good work curryleaf..

Priya Suresh said...

Thats a delicious round up with loads of yummy dishes...I enjoyed trying n participating T&T...great work CL..

Cham said...

Great round-up all her dishes are delicious!

Manju said...

great round up, good job!!! soo many wonderful entries!!

Lavanya said...

nice round up..great work!!

Unknown said...

wahhh kaya bath hai lovelyand yummy roundup sweatha great job thank u so much for the yummy event

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

Really very nice to see so many of Suganya's lovely recipes here. A terrific tried & tasted!

EC said...

Neat roundup...Enjoyed participation

Neha said...

Gr8 roundup...

Srivalli said...

Thats one great round up!...

zlamushka said...

Fantastic entry :-) thank you so much for the round-up, it is beautiful :-)

vandana rajesh said...

Great round up. The dishes look so good.

Suganya said...

I am truly honored by the graciousness of the food blogging community. I have personally thanked all the participants, but if I had missed anyone, accept my thanks once again.

Sweatha and Zlamushka, this is job well done. I am humbled. Thank you!

Susan said...

Thank you very much, Sweatha, for this yummy round-up. Lots of hard work and it shows. TP is one of my many favorite blogs.

Thanks for visiting my Blog

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