Friday, February 26, 2010

Strawberry Panzanella

A Panzanella is a simple salad of tomato,basil,olive oil and bread.These are the normal or traditional ingredients,though we can add anything or everything to this leftover salad or bread salad or pan molle as it is also known.These days I think apart from bread we can add or remove anything and any bread salad is also known as panzanella.Anyway,I found an innovative panzanella recipe at 101cookbooks where Heidi has made panzanella using fresh strawberries.

The recipe was very easy to make.I had few leftover slices of bread and I simply made it following the instructions without checking the estimate of ingredients.There is nothing much recipe to write about and so I have added more pics than usual.

Day old bread :few slices or 1 loaf

Strawberries: as much as you like
Brown Sugar: 2 tbsp +

Toast the bread slices and cube them.
Chop/slice the strawberries and then in a bowl add half of them along with the sugar.

Turn into a chunky mash using masher or hand blender or hand or back of the ladle whatever you have.I used a mathu or wooden masher to crush them.This works when the berries are overripe.This is our vinaigrette and you can add as much sugar as you like to this.

Then add the cubed bread to these and mix well and serve with remaining sliced strawberries.

The recipe was a simple and tasty dessert .It is pretty flexible and you can add whatever other ingredients like spices or other fruits etc with this. Do check the original recipe for a richer salad and attractive presentation.


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