Thursday, March 18, 2010

Arakas me Anitho - Dilled Peas with Pepper

This is an easiest side dish that I have ever made.On hearing the name if you feel its Greek then sure its Greek but very simple and tasty.The dish belongs to the general category of 'Laderos' which means cooked with olive oil or plainly vegetables in olive oil. I adapted the dish from here and improvised with available ingredients.

Olive Oil: 2 tsp +

Peas: Fresh/Frozen: 1 cup
Onion: 1 small chopped finely
Red Bell Pepper: 1 small chopped or 1/4-1/2 cup

Dill Leaves: Fresh chopped or dried dill weed: as per taste.
Salt :as per taste

Heat olive oil in a pan and saute chopped onions till transparent.Add chopper pepper and peas and dill leaves and salt and mix well.Add little water as needed to cook the vegetables and bring it to boil.Reduce the heat,cover the dish and cook for 15 minutes or more till done.Adjust the salt. and serve warm with your choice of main dish.Garnish with mint/parsley/dill as per choice.

I served this warm with bulgur.The dish is excellent with just the dill being the herb and not even pepper being added.Though I reduced the amount of oil than specified in the recipe,the tanginess of the oil still was there and the combo of peas with dill is perfect.I do not relish dill that much as I find it sharp to my taste,but it is excellent here in combo with peas.

If you do not like dill at all then you can replace it with chopped parsley or a combo of dill and mint as well.Other excellent versions of 'Arakas Laderos' or 'Peas in Olive oil ' are
Arakas Laderos at Kopiaste
Arakas Latheros at Kalofagas

Obviously this a third entry to AWED:Greek,an event by DK and hosted by Yours Truly.Am Expecting your yummy Greek creations by 31st March. Hope you will join my Greek Table.


Cham said...

I always ponder how u get such a simple recipes :) perfect entry!

Rachel said...

Very prettily plated and it definitely sounded Greek :)

Suma said...

Sounds delicious!

chef and her kitchen said...

Perfect entry dear..looks simple n yummy

Tina said...

Looks nice and yummy....

Namitha said...

Simple and delicious dish..Love Greek dishes :-)

eleni said...

Do not know whether you are greek, but I am and the title of this dish surely made an impact to me... 2 posts before made something quite similar to this plate, but my blog it is written in greek...

Malar Gandhi said...

Thanks for the easy relish, guess I could make them:)

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