Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brown Rice Tabbouleh

Tabbouleh is a middle eastern salad of bulgur,parsley,mint with a dressing of olive oil and lemon juice.This dsh is versatile as several additional ingredients can be added and it has several variations where bulgur is replaced with other forms of grain.I had made the normal bulgur tabbouleh and was surprised when I saw the whole grain tabbouleh in the Vegetarian Times.That time I had just purchased brown rice -ok,this is a post from my drafts -but even now cannot believe that brown rice is available in India. After seeing just a few packets of brown rice in a hypermarket,I am still surprised when I see the varieties available now at another one right from Brown basmati to brown kolam rice-there are atleast 5 varieties of brown rice available at certain places.But ofcourse other varieties of whole grains are just trickling in and are  unavailable/highly expensive at most places.Coming back to the recipe, the original mentioned that we could use brown rice instead of bulgur and so I simply adapted the recipe.

Brown Rice: 1 cup cooked
Chopped Tomatoes or Cherry Tomatoes Halved: 1/2 cup+
Cucumber: peeled & cubed:1/2 cup +
Red onion: chopped: 1/4 cup+

Fresh Parsley & Mint: as per taste
Salt&Pepper: as per taste

Garlic Cloves: 1-2
Olive Oil:1 tbsp+
Lemon Juice: 2 tbsp+

In a big bowl,mix together the cooked rice and chopped cucumber, tomatoes and onion.Add chopped fresh herbs,salt & pepper to taste.

Heat oil in a small pan,add the garlic cloves and allow it to sizzle a bit.Remove from heat and let it cool.Pour over the rice and veggies along with lemon juice.Mix well and adjust the salt-pepper- lemon juice just as you want.Serve at room temp or chilled garnish with fresh parsley or mint.

The salad is very healthy as it has brown rice.Instead of this,you can also use kamut,quinoa,wheat berries  or even couscous.This is just the basic tabbouleh recipe with traditional ingredients.On taste testing,the flavours just burst in your mouth. Rather than going for an elaborate rice pulao/pilaf, this is something that we can whip up easily and is less spicy and lighter yet filling on the stomach and is perfect especially in summer.


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