Thursday, April 28, 2011

Minty Green Apple Sorbet

This is a simple yet scrumptious Green apple sorbet. As mentioned in my previous post,I have been to an apple cooking  demo by Chef Vicky Ratnani organized by Washington Apple Corporation. We all have been given baskets of different types of apples and before I decided on what to do two of them were snacked upon!. But nobody wanted the tart Granny Smith .So I thought of trying a simple sorbet with it and here it is.I know the colour of the sorbet is not that inviting,but for this once,go for the taste.You will not be disappointed

Granny Smith Apple - heaped 1 cup unpeeled and diced (almost 3/4th of a regular sized apple)
Mint leaves: packed 1/4 cup or more as per taste

Sugar: 6 tbsp (or more as per taste)
Water: 4 tbsp + 1 tbsp (optional)
Edible Gum: (optional) 1 large pinch (preferably powdered)


Make a simple syrup by bringing to boil  4 tbsp water with powdered gum and sugar. Stir well till sugar is dissolved and take off heat. Cool a bit.

Blend together the diced apple,mint leaves, and the sugar syrup together adding optional 1 tbsp of water if you feel the need.You can strain it at this stage if you like. I didn't as this would mean lots of healthy apple pulp as leftovers.

Pour into a shallow container and freeze for atleast  4 hours. Take out,thaw for 10 -15 minutes, blend again to make it creamy and chill for another 30 minutes,after which you can scoop it into cups and serve. Garnish optionally with honey roasted nuts.

Edible gum is not usually (traditionally) a  part of sorbet.But ever since I had heard about a cupcake,an icecream and a sorbet itself I wanted to try it. An easier option was the sorbet. Also since I have made several sorbets I wanted to see whether it  actually makes a difference to the texture. It DID. The sorbet was like a soft serve ice cream as claimed by Aparna. A tingling refreshing and sweet sorbet. Now Granny smith will be enjoyed in a sweet way.

The sweet sorbet is on way to Healthy Recipe Hunt 3- Healthy Summer at KurinjiKathambam, also goes to Tickling Palates for  Fun n' Sun event as a part of celebrating remarkable 4 years of wonderful blogging.The sorbet also graces the Seasonal Indulgence Series - Summer Coolers at Saffron Streaks.


Swathi said...

Mint and green apple sorbet sounds refreshing.

Reshmi Mahesh said...

Cool..Good one....sorbet shud have tasted great...

Bombay Foodie said...

There's something about granny smiths that just prompts you to make a refreshing dish. This sorbet is perfect for summers.

We have the demo in Mumbai tomorrow but I am out of town so missing it :(

Cham said...

I ve seen pickle in this variety, sorbet should be a great idea for this summer!

Priya Suresh said...

Apple and mint in sorbet,that definitely very unique and brilliant..prefect for hot summer..

purabi naha said...

This sorbet is so creative and fresh! Loved your recipe collection...

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