Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quick Orange Ice Cream

This is a simple no churn orange icecream I adapted from Nigella Lawson. This is not ice cream in the traditional sense,but definitely a life saver in hot summer afternoons.You can use orange in combination with lemon juice or simply bitter seville oranges as the original recipe has,but I went just for orange juice and still no complaints.

Orange Juice: 8 tbsp (fresh squeezed)
Cream : 1.5 cups (I used the available 25% lowfat amul cream)
Icing Sugar: 10 tbsp or less as per your taste.

Orange zest: as needed

Add fresh squeezed orange juice in a bowl.Add in the icing sugar and stir to dissolve. Add in the cream -preferably heavy. Whip everything together till they hold soft peaks and then pour in a shallow container. Cover and freeze overnight or atleast 3-5 hours.Take out and let it sit out for 10-15 minutes to ripen and then scoop it up and serve with your choice of accompaniments like ,orange slices,chocolate sauce,choc vermicelli,etc.

If you are sceptical of ice formation within the container,you can place a butter/parchment paper on top of the ice cream before covering and freezing.Do not go by the pics,my scoop started melting,by the time I was ready to click.So everything looked messy Try this out for a quick fuss free and heavenly delicious ice cream.


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