Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mango Shrikarani

I usually go for spicy side dishes with either rice and rotis or atleast sweet and spicy. But last year while on a vacation,I was surprised to see puris being served with thick mango juice and since I had heard of puri halwa combo in the Northern parts of India,I was thinking it was just a variation. But recently I read about Mango Shrikarani at Prathibha's space. 

Shrikarani or Shrikarni is a Karnataka style sweet side dish served with rotis. It like a chunky milk shake with mango pulp is mixed with chopped mango pieces and milk. Its easier to make and here is my version tried from Prathibha.

Mango: 1 peeled and chopped
Milk: around 1/4 cup
Sugar: as per taste
Cardamom:1-2 pods crushed OR 1/4-1/2 tsp powdered

Clean and peel the mango and finely chop it. Mash half of the chopped mango pieces in a bowl.

In a serving bowl,mix in sugar and milk till sugar dissolves. Add in cardamom and give it a final mix so as to get spiced milk.

Fold in the mashed and chopped mango into this sweetened cardamom milk.

Chill till serving time.
Serve with rotis or puris.

I am no lover of mangoes,but inspite of this I relished this with rotis (just as I had done with puris). A cooling side dish in this hot summer.But yes,you can also enjoy it as itself just as a dessert.

This delightful side graces T&T:The Chef & Her Kitchen at SaviRuchi,an event by Lakshmi.


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