Monday, March 5, 2012

Smoky Beet Tomato Soup

It seems to be the last few days of winter here.The sun has started showing its fury and I have started keeping bottles of water in the fridge to chill and also double tray of ice cubes.Plans are on for the types of iced desserts to make and the air conditioner has already been turned on.Appetites are less and we prefer liquids or something light -light on stomach and something easy to cook to avoid the heat.

But sometimes the weather changes back to a lazy climate where you feel like not entering the kitchen and lounge on the sofa with your current read. 

Whatever the climate is this is a simple soup which is perfect for you.Serve it warm if its cold outside or chilled when hot. Not heavy on the tummy as well. I have adapted it from Food and Wine and changed as per time and taste.

Olive Oil: 3-4 tsp

Onion: about 6 tbsp chopped
Tomatoes: chopped almost 2 cups
Beets: grated almost 1.5 cups

Tomato Paste: 2 tsp
Roasted Cumin Powder : 1 tsp +/-

Veg Stock: 1/2 -1 cup
Water: 1-2 cups 

Salt and Pepper: as per taste

Sour Cream/Creme Fraiche/Thick Yogurt : for garnish (optional)
Fresh Herbs: Garnish

Heat olive oil in a deep pan and add the finely chopped onions. Saute till transparent and then add chopped tomatoes and grated beets.

Add little salt,pepper and about 1/2 tsp of cumin powder and let them cook for few minutes till they start to soften.

Add in the tomato paste,water and stock and bring to boil.You can adjust the amount of water and stock.

Reduce, cover and let it simmer till the veggies cook and the water is reduced to almost one fourth. Remove from heat and allow to cool a bit.

Blend in a blender to a smooth puree and return to pan. 

Adjust the salt and seasonings -might need to add more cumin powder.Add more stock if too thick and heat through. 

Serve warm else chill in the fridge and serve in bowls garnished with any fresh herb, toasted cumin seeds and a layer of thick yogurt or sour cream.

An easy tangy red spicy and slightly sweet soup. The smokiness of the cumin seeps through the tongue.

If talking in a filmy context, the main hero (ine) is  beet who has acted very well,but the tanginess and the smokiness added by second heroes tomato and cumin powder respectively compliment the hero and film definitely needs character actors to upgrade the hero's performance. 

The soup is spicy enough to visit NCR:Spicy soups at Lisa's where she is planning a Spicy Birthday Party this entire month. And March is my daughter's Birthday month as well and she loved the soup; :)

' Pisceans can be a bit handful when it comes to food ! Gone are my days when I could entice her into eating  anything and everything on plate. Ha, the grievances of growing up ! OOPs, just my thoughts ... Enjoy the soup :D
And BTW, for the simple Birthday Party I menu would include Caramelized Onion,Rosemary and Tomato Flatizza as starter along with this soup obviously, Peanut Butter Pasta for mains and Tutti Frutti Bread with Strawberries and Cream as Dessert. Caution: This is planned with the kids in mind! Do feel free to choose from the wider menu (blog)!


ജെസ്സ് said...

Vow.. looks great..

Sensible Vegetarian said...

This looks so colorful and delicious.

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Cham said...

I already feel the summer heat in ur post. Still we have month to go here... Soup with beet and tomato looks tasty!

Lisa Turner said...

I do so love beets. Thank you so much for your entry this month. Your menu may be geared at kids, but sounds awesome to me.

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