Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bliss Chocolate Lounge - Heavenly Chocolatey Bliss

I have heard Chocolate is the food of Gods. And I am sure chocoholics agree with me. Literally and spiritually this is true for a chocoholic who finds extreme pleasure in his chocolates. Recently or rather 1 month back, I too experienced heavenly bliss when I visited the Bliss Gourmet Chocolate Lounge at Forum Value Mall.

What you normally expect when you visit a chocolate shop?. If you are unimaginative like me, you will imagine a small shop with unfriendly staff offering chocolate cakes,cookies and max 2-3 varieties of tried and tasted truffles. So thus, I was surprised to see a cosy well thought out lounge with an array of couverture chocolates and desserts.

Bliss, Indias first luxury chocolate brand has venerated chocolate by starting the exclusive chocolate lounges and the first one being in Forum Value Mall.

The main forte being chocolate,you can expect all types of  couverture chocolate and the scene stealers are the exotic truffles which come in flavours like Chilly, Caramella, Masala Chai, Cumin, Praline passion, Pina colada etc.Atleast 2 dozen + varieties of exotic chocolates including sugar free ones for diabetics.

How to test if the chocolate is good quality?
It is said that a good quality chocolate will melt in mouth without leaving an aftertaste.

Instead of chewing or ravisihing the truffle with your teeth, savour it slowly. Allow it to melt in your mouth all by itself. If it leaves an aftertaste, then it not that great chocolate -tasty but might not be healthy. I tried this with Bliss Chilly couverture chocolate and the aftertaste was that of hot chilly and definitely not chocolate.

Couverture chocolates normally used by professionals in the industry has high percentage of cocoa butter and give the perfect sheen on tempering and are good for health. The percentages that we see on the wrappings of chocolate define the quantity of percentage of cocoa butter used in the chocolate the rest being made up of sugar and other stabilising agents. Most of the exotic Bliss chocolate that I tasted   belong to the  54% category - a balanced one that allows you to indulge more in the your favourite chocolate without the fear of putting on weight. In fact chocolate in this category,are supposed to have a slimming effect if consumed daily.

I had gone to the lounge with beautiful blogger Sharmi of Neivedyam and we started our chocolate journey with a delicious  chocolate platter.It had a Balloon brownie, Belgian Chocolate Truffle Cake,Chocolate mousse cake, a Chocolate Marquise etc. Throughout tasting I was inquisitive about the methods and ingredients that they use and Ms Vrinda an official with Bliss helped satisfy my curiosity.I was rather surprised to know that the Belgian Chocolate Truffle cake which had sponge cake layers stuffed with Belgian Chocolate Ganache is completely eggless.

Don't like chocolate? No Problem !. Here comes the colourful spread - Strawberry Mousse Cake, Mango & Passionfruit yogurt dessert etc all for the non chocoholics.Talk about sugar free chocolates and still Bliss tops the list. They have Sugar Free Chocolate bars  in milk,dark and white chocolates.

The brand has diversified into artisan breads in association with Gourmet West and they are planning to start a delivery portal for artisan breads customized as per user needs. At present the bread branch is available only in Forum Mall, Koramangala. The brand has also been conducting workshops or chocolate appreciation nights to popularise good quality chocolates and get new ideas to cater or satisfy the customer as per his needs and budget.

I am totally in bliss after the lounge visit. What about you? Do drop in to any of the Bliss Lounges at Forum Value Mall, Forum Mall,Mantri Mall, or UB City for exquisite European desserts & pasries. The brand is planning to start an exclusive outlet near its factory at Old Airport Road, Bengaluru. They even permit you a factory visit to help you understand how the delectable chocolates and pastried are made. The brand also specialises in gift hampers for special occasions and you can visit the Bliss website for more details.


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