Friday, April 12, 2013

Rose Shrikhand | Wishing All A Rosy Sweet Year Ahead

This is a simple recipe easy to make but looks and taste different. A bit like life I feel. I started making this shrikhand with dried rose petals and rose preserve (gulkhand) expecting a rosy pink dish. But it was still pure white thanks to the curd cheese. But one taste it bursted rose in my mouth.

Appearances can be deceiving in dishes as well.:).

But taste is an all important factor and hence my rose version is good to go when you are celebrating Ugadi/Gudi Padva/Cheti Chand. A celebration of the year ahead expecting a happy fun filled or rosy year with little bitterness or thorns thrown in.

Feel free to increase the amount of sugar and rose jam/gulkhand. All depends on the taste/sourness of the yogurt as well. These days yogurt turns sour fast as its hot. Anyway its upto you.The recipe is adapted from Sanjeev Kapoor. The recipe makes 1-2 big bowls depending on how big your bowl is.

Hung Curd: almost 2 cups
Powdered Sugar: 8 tbsp +

Dried Rose Petals : 3-5 tsp + more for garnishing
Gulkhand/ Rose Preserves: 2 tbsp+

I had drained the normal full fat yogurt overnight and had used around 3/4 cup of the curd cheese for this.
Mix together dried rose petals and gulkhand into a paste and keep aside.

Mix together powdered sugar and hung yogurt/curd cheese to blend into a smooth paste.Mix in the rose petal and gulkhand paste and adjust the sweetness. 

Serve well garnished with remaining rose petals as a sweet ending for Ugadi lunch.

A simple dessert for a rosy year ahead. Don't expect pink colour in this dish. You can use rose syrup for a pink colour and also drizzle rose oil for a more enriching aroma and flavour.


Vanamala Hebbar said...

looks delicious...

nayana said...

Very interesting twist give to shrikhand would love to try it...

Priya Suresh said...

Rose shrikhand, the word rose itself makes me drool..Happy rosy sweet year to u too.

Shella said...

Hi I am first time here n I really like your recipes. Rose Shrikhand is a fantastic idea.

Thanks for visiting my Blog

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