Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Vegit Pav Bhaji Magic | Instant pleasure of Traditional Cooking

Vegit Merino is a household name thanks to the poplular "Aloo Mash" potato flake and several instant snack mixes. I am a regular user of Aloo Mash which are dried potato flakes. Though they can be turned into instant mashed potatoes, I also use these in baking. 

Recently I got a sample of Vegit Merino's new product : Pav Bhaji. Pav bhaji is definitely Indias most popular street food but involves a lot of chopping, steaming, sauteeing, mashing and this definitely takes more time. 

Ofcourse it is very healthy and along with laadi pav is perfect option for feeding veggies to picky kids but the cooking time usually puts us off. It is here that Vegit Pav Bhaji comes to our rescue by magically producing a bhaji under 15 minutes. No chopping and such works.

Instructions are given with pictures in the packet, follow them and voila pav bhaji ready to be served.

The packet has precooked dehydrated vegetables and seasonings and they create a perfect pav bhaji when cooked.

The packet comes with a nutrition facts and can be bought in bulk to be used up as and when needed within 9 months from the month of manufacture.

All these and much more. You can turn this into anything else as per your preference. Vegit Merino gives us few recipes with a twist and what do you see pav bhaji turned into pizza.I tried this and definitely loved it.

Not to be left behind I turned into a pasta. Nah,, nothing too tedious. My daughter likes pasta and the mashed healthy bhaji can act as a perfect pasta sauce in a jiffy. Cook bhaji as per instructions -make it little thin as needed for sauce consistency. Mix it with cooked pasta. Perfect Indian style pasta you will be making.

You can get creative with this and turn the Pav Bhaji into your own creations. Infact the USP of Vegit products is Hamara Mix Aapka Twist allowing the customer to experiment and get creative make new dishes.

Keeping in line with the tradition of offering tasty, nutritive food that offers immense convenience, Vegit Pav Bhaji mix offers 100% classic Indian flavor and its preparation involves only 10% of time and effort on cooking, without missing the taste of traditional pav bhaji.

Vegit has a wide array of products starting from the flagship products Aloo Mash (Potato Flakes) to 9 mouthwatering instant Indian snacks viz Pav Bhaji, Burger Patty, Aloo Tikki, Aloo Bonda, Soya Rolls, Cheese Balls, Hara Bhara Kebabs, Shammi Kebabas and Veg cutlets.

Vegit is the agro division of Merino Group, spread equally between making of Potato Flakes and sumptuous Snacks Mixes and is committed to providing an international standard products that has been domestically produced. You can check out their official website at Vegit-Merino or even visit Merino website

So are you ready with your own twist?


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