Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Magnum Classic Ice Cream | Experience Pleasure Like Never Before

World most luxurious icecream brands will be making its presence felt in Bengaluru from March 1st, 2014 onwards. Already a hit in Chennai, the leading 'Icecream -on- a stick" is here to raise the bar.

Whats so special about Magnum?How different is it from already available icecream brands?

Magnum uses pure Belgian chocolate to coat its silky smooth icecream bar. When u bite into a magnum, you can fisrt hear the crunch of the thick coating- not soggy or soft or leaking unlike other brands. 

 Chocolate as we call and love it, is primarily a mix of cocoa and cocoa butter in varying proportions. The percentage of these and other additions like fats,sweetners and even milk gives rise to different varieties of chocolate. 

Couverture chocolate is one with a high percentage of cocoa butter and cocoa solids that has been tempered to give a perfect crunch and perfect shine. Tempering is a process to increase the hardness and consistency of the item by heating and cooling it. (refer here for more)

Belgian chocolate is supposed to the best or premium chocolate. Belgian chocolate contains minimum 35% of cocoa. Belgian chocolate has the finest quality of cocoa beans - the origins of which are carefully selected and controlled. Beans are processed meticulously and other ingredients of the chocolate like sugar and supportive products are always of standard quality.

What is common in India is actually a mix of high sugar, little cocoa solids and hydrogenated oils along with little cocoa butter and is more on the sweeter side whereas Belgian chocolate is the perfect balance of bitter, sweet and milky. It is homogenous/consistent in taste not too sweet and not too bitter. A divine combination of cocoa content along with the sweetness and the intensity of the flavor is what makes a chocolate Belgian. 

And Magnum ice creams are made with 100% pure Belgian chocolate. They are delicious, creamy ice-creams covered in a thick layer of Belgian chocolate shell .

Magnum’s “distinctive crack”- The sound and sight of the Belgian chocolate shell breaking when one first bites into the ice cream is signature Magnum. Infact as per wiki, the a couverture chocolate has been specially developed for magnum to withstand temperature fluctuations by chocolatier Callebaut.

I had the opportunity to attend a Magnum Masterclass with masterchef Kunal Kapur of Masterchef India and it was a great experience.Chef Kunal shared his experience and knowledge on chocolate and showed us how to decorate a Magnum. We all made "Magnum -our way" stick and a chocolicious sundae, a twist with two Magnum bars under his guidance.

Magnum is one of the world’s largest chocolate ice cream brands and is owned by Unilever. As Unilever’s biggest impulse ice-cream brand globally, Magnum not only dominates Europe but is also making waves across the U.S. and Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. In India the Hindustan Unilever plans to introduce it as a premium icecream along with its existing icecream brand Kwality Walls.

Go Ummmm... on a Magnum

At present 3 flavours are available in India - Classic, Almond and Chocolate truffle and is priced at Rs.85/- per bar.

Classic – A thick cracking layer of Magnum chocolate made with real Belgian chocolate covering a deliciously smooth creamy vanilla ice-cream. 

Almond – Deliciously natural almonds inside a thick layer of original Belgian chocolate and luscious vanilla ice-cream: a truly royal treat

Chocolate Truffle – Smooth chocolate truffle sauce swirled through creamy chocolate ice-cream and wrapped in thick, royal Belgian chocolate

Magnum truly is an intense and remarkable experience of pleasure. It delivers pleasure experiences that are sensorial and intense, the kind that leaves you completely satisfied. To be honest, the first bite, makes you go 'Ummmmmmmmmm...'. Infact the classic flavour which I tried actually has that right amount of sweetness allows the chocolate to take the centrestage. 

So on -March 1st, 2014 - check out your nearest retail outlet and go Ummm... on a Magnum.


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