Sunday, June 22, 2014

Vegan Russian Salad | Go healthy with Washington Apples

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away.  

Today its not just a proverb but a proven fact.

The mystical or forbidden fruit is actually good to you.Rather its not forbidden anymore. It is said that an apple or atleast three a day gives you the full benefits of apples and help you live life healthy and beautiful.

They raise the good cholesterol, lower the bad one and supports weight loss. In general it keeps you and your family healthy. They reduce the chances of heart diseases and cancer and keeps lungs healthy.

So go healthy with  the best apples a.k.a. Washington Apples

To increase the awareness about the goodness of apples, the SCS group and Washington State Apple commission had held an interactive session where renowned nutritionist Sheela Krishnaswamy shared tips on healthy eating and answered queries.

Washington State Apple Commission  is a state owned but self governing body from the prominent apple state of Washington. SCS group is a Gurgaon based agri business firm that helps bring the healthy apples from Washington state in USA to your homes and on your plate.

Though unable to attend the show, I got to review the apples and try out the interesting recipes that were demonstrated at the vegan restaurant Carrots in Koramangala, Bengaluru where the talk was held. Especially the Vegan Russian Salad with Cashew Mayonnaise.

I am posting the recipe verbatim though you can definitely play around with the quantities of the ingredients based on your taste as I did .

 Red Delicious Apple: cubed 30 gms

Sweet Potato: cubed 20 gms
Carrot: cubed 20gms
Green Peas: 20 gms

Cashew Mayonnaise: 100 gms

Steam/boil the sweet potatoes, carrot and peas.
Mix these with cashew mayonnaise and apple cubes.

Chill for an hour atleast and serve as a delicious salad.

The recipe is simple and quick but healthy and yum.You can go for your choice of mayo but I preferred the cashew mayonnaise the recipe suggested.

I made my own cashew mayo but more on that later..

Now get healthy by munching a Washington Apple as no other apple comes close.


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