Thursday, October 30, 2008

Classic Caramel Sauce

Caramel is a range of canfections dark brown/beige in color and derived from caramelization(removing of water) from any type of sugar.It can be used to provide flavour in puddings and other desserts and filling for candies etc.
Caramel is also a soft dense chewy caramel-flavoured candy made by boiling,milk,sugar,butter and/or cornsyrup.It is also known as milk caramel.Normally this milk caramel sauce is the base for making dessert sauce and several toffees/candies.I came across a classic milk caramel sauce at Simplyrecipes and decided to try it.I followed the recipe as such and since I had only quarter cup of cream,I halved the recipe.So here it is.

White Sugar: 1/2 cup
Unsalted Butter: 3 tbsp
Heavy Cream: 1/4 cup


Keep all the ingredients ready and at hand.The entire process takes only few minutes and involves a lot of heat,so make sure you are fully concentrating in this task.

Heat sugar and water in a thick bottomed sauce pan.Stir well using a whisk or wooden spoon till boiling point.Once bubbles appear,stop stirring.From this point on,you can only swirl the pan if needed.As soon as all the sugar is melted,you will get a beige/dark amber colour.Immediately add the butter and whisk vigourously till entire butter is melted.Once butter is melted,remove from gas.Take a deep breathe and count till three.Slowly blend in cream and whisk until the sauce is smooth.Cool in the pan for a few minutes.Then pour in a sterilized glass jar and let it cool to room temperature.This can be refirgerated for upto 2 weeks.Warm it up before serving.It can be used to top icecream,desserts and as a filling for candies.

This is a wonderful sweet and easy recipe and do follow the notes and tips and wonderful pictorial recipe here while making your own caramel sauce.

This sauce is my entry to MBP:Sauces,an event started by Coffee and currently hosted by Rachel.


Sagari said...

hmmmmmmm lovely caramel,perfect as a topping on icecream

Unknown said...

yum yum yummy my fav. one i can imagen with icecream mmmm mouth watering

Cham said...

Perfect topping sauce :)

anudivya said...

ooh nice! But question... why cream and butter? Can't we make it with just sugar?

Yasmeen said...

Caramel sauce,love a drizzle of that on a toast:)

Priya Suresh said...

Yummy caramel sauce...loved the presentation...

Anonymous said...

Heavy cream in caramel is neat...great presentation and thank you for the lovely entry.

Usha said...

Love caramel as a topping on my icecream...looks inviting :-)

Deeba PAB said...

Love's tantalizing my tastebuds!

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