Monday, October 20, 2008

Roasted Garlic & Sun Dried Tomato Hummus

Hummus is an Arab dip or spread made from Cooked chickpeas/garbanzo beans,tahini paste(sesame paste),olive oil,garlic and lemon juice.You can dip your choie of items-vegetables like carrot,celery into it and use it as a dip.You can also spread it as a sauce on breads/rotis to make sandwich,rolls,pizza style etc.I have modified the basic hummus recipe and added sundried tomatoes and has also roasted the garlic.


ChickPeas/Garbanzo Bean/White chana:1cup
Lemon Juice:1/2 lemon
Tahini Paste:1-2 tbsp
Olive oil: 2 tbsp+
Roasted Garlic:1 clove
Sundried tomatoes: few


Cook the chana adding salt.Take little boiling water and soak the sundried tomatoes.If you are using oil-packed sundried tomatoes,you can simply rinse and drain them.The soaking cleans and softens them.Roast garlic over fire or you can even roast them in the oven.Since I used a single clove,I simply roasted the peeled garlic over the gas burner and removed the black skin as well.

Grind together all the ingredients in a blender ,checking for required salt and spiciness.Add more olive oil as garnish.

If you want a normal/basic hummus avoid the sundried tomatoes and roasting the garlic.Hummus is a very flexible dip.You can modify it by adding roasted red bell peppers,cilantro or whatever you want to obtain a dip/spread of your choice.Basic hummus can be stored for days,but the modifications had to be refrigerated immediately after use,else they may turn bitter.The above measurements can be modified as per your taste and convenience and comfort.


Indian Khana said...

Hummus looking nice ...gud idea of adding garlic and tomato...I'm yet to this tempting

Cham said...

Sun dried tomato should give a nice twist to the hummus!

anudivya said...

Excellent choice of adding the sun dried tomatoes.

Usha said...

Versatile and delicious...good one:)

Sum Raj said...

looking great..not tried yet..its new and interesting..

Unknown said...

Guess what? I made hummus too! Sundried tomatoes sound like a lovely addition

Jude said...

Lots of good flavors here for sure. Yummy take on hummus.

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