Monday, December 7, 2009

Aranitas-Little Spiders

Aranitas are shredded and fried raw plantain fritters from PuertoRico.The term in Spanish means little spiders and these are garlicky and perfectly easy to make.I first came across this dish in Foodnetwork show -Ingrid Hoffmanns' Simply Delicioso. For those who think plantain fritters are a part of Kerala tradition then this is another equally tasty version. Again not much of a recipe,but the procedure of shredding and forming fritters of the plantain is interesting.

Raw Plantain Banana: atleast 1
Garlic :1 clove
Salt & Pepper : as needed

Peel the plantain -make sure only the skin/peel is removed. Grate the peeled plantain in the big holes of the box grater.

Mince garlic finely -make a paste of it- and mix with salt.Add this and pepper to the grated plantains and mix well.You can add more salt as per taste.Also instead or minced garlic,garlic salt can be added which ensures that the garlic is totally blended with the plantains.Form small balls from this mixture.Make sure you make these balls gently .

Deep fry the fritters in hot oil till golden brown and drain on paper towels.Serve warm as an anytime snack.Garlicky plantain fritters (chips as they are also known) are ready.

Do check out the original recipe and also check out Cynthia's amazing looking aranitas.My aranitas are not on par with them.This could also be because of the type of plantain available here and er,.. also my skills.Well, again these PuertoRican snacks are going to the AWED:Caribbean at FlavorPantry,an even by DK.

The plantain saga continues...................


Cham said...

With hardly 2 ingred, u ve made an excellent carribean choice!

Finla said...

Looks crunchy delicous.

Priya Suresh said...

Such a crunchy fritters CL..Looks great!

jayasree said...

with the so common plantain, you have made delicious fritters. Bookmarked.

Tina said...

Nice and crunchy fritters...

Unknown said...

Very crunchy & delicious one.

Soma said...

these lok delightful and somehow the shreds remind me of latkes. Spiders are more befitting.

Soma (

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