Monday, December 7, 2009

P(irates)lantains of the Caribbean

When I was a kid,my mother used to make a snack of caramelized bananas.These are nothing but peeled sliced bananas pan fried adding ghee and sugar.It was a quick and tasty snack and I am sure you would have made or come across several versions of the same- some with the addition of spices and some where the banana slices were dipped in milk/coconut milk and then panfried or whatever way you make it.Recently I came to know that these fried/sauteed bananas were a common dish or dessert or snack in Trinidad.Well the Trinidad version used oil and served the sauteed bananas with sugar or traditionally brownsugar.Such an easy recipe- I do not think you can call it a recipe- anyway heres my Trinidad Version of simple snack.

Ripe bananas: atleast 1
Vegetable Oil
Sugar/Brown sugar

Peel and slice the preferably overripe (with blackened peels especially) bananas into thick slices. Heat a pan on medium heat,add little oil,add the slices and little sugar and let them caramelize.Turn the slices and repeat for the other side. Serve with more sugar.

I have reduced the oil a bit and add sugar so that the bananas on caramelizing look like they have been dunked in oil.This way the look of the traditional dish remains the same but it is more healthy and tasty.Else,you can keep on adding more oil till they are completely fried.

Hope Jamie accepts my version of the Trinidadian fried plantains for AWED: Caribbean,an event by dear DK.

Wait,there's more in the plantain saga........


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