Saturday, December 12, 2009

Minty Peas Soup

This is a simple and quick soup made of peas and mint.The recipe is nothing much.I remebered seeing a Peas and basil soup and since I did not have basil,I went with mint and the combo is as perfect as it can be.

Fresh/Frozen Peas: 1 cup
Red Onion: 1 small
Garlic: 1 small clove
Vegetable Stock /Water: 1/4 cup + as needed
Fresh Mint leaves:as per taste
Salt& Pepper :as per Taste

Garnish/Topping (optional)
LowFat Yoghurt
Carrot Coins

Heat oil in a pan,add finely chopped onion and garlic and cook till transparent.Add in peas,little salt & pepper and chopped/crushed mint leaves.Saute for a minute.Add in stock/water and bring to a boil.Reduce and let it cook for a few minutes,till the flavours are blended and the raw smell of peas is gone and it is cooked.Cool.

Puree in a blender adding stock/water as needed.Return to heat and add more stock/water to adjust the thickness and let it cook for about 5-7 minutes.Adjust salt and pepper and serve warm with your choice of accompaniments.

Quickest soup is ready.Peas takes much less time to cook especially if frozen ones are used.You can also use this as a base recipe and add your own choice of spices or even add a green chilli for extra heat.

The simple soup is going to meet several hearty ones at MM:Soups at TongueTicklers,an event by Meeta.


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