Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Barley Breakfast Cereal

This is a simple cereal or porridge that I made using barley,milk and apples. Its just like an oatmeal breakfast except that oats is replaced with the more healthier barley.

Normally I am not a barley person and barley always brings to my mind the barley water my mother makes. I have used barley flour in baking as cookies and muffins but never like this. But this way is easier and tastier as you just have to cook it,mix it and have it for a healthy start to your day.

Barley: 4 tbsp

Apple: chopped
Warm Milk: as needed
Toasted Sweetened Nuts: handful (I used almonds)
Sweetner - honey/sugar/ brownsugar/low cal sweetner/jaggery syrup etc

Garnish: chocolate vermicelli/shavings

 Cook barley either on stovetop or pressure cooker. I used the latter as it was easier for me. You need to add more water -almost 3-4 times than the amount of barley- while cooking it.The volume of barley doubles after cooking.

Mix with all other ingredients and garnish with chocolate shavings. You can also add in your favourite spices or toppings.

This can be taken for breakfast instead of the regular oatmeal porridge. This can also be served as a dessert as well. On sitting it thickens a little and the barley soaks up the liquid. You can go for more milk in such case. Chocolate milk and even vegan milks works wonders as well. You can add in your favourite or seasonal fruits or spices and dryfruits as well which makes this more hearty.

Barley is richer in protein than oats. But it has a higher calorie content than oats and also takes time to cook. It is these factors that seems to have worked against barley. But a little planning and you can include the grain during your meal times especially breakfast.

I have used the barley available here which I suppose is the hulled barley and it definitely is not the pearl barley. The former is high in nutrients and fibre which are important at the beginning of the day.So this goes to Wholesome Wholegrain Cooking -Barley for Breakfast at Priya's ,an event by Sanjeeta.  


Reshmi Mahesh said...

Hey this is a nice breakfast idea...healthy too..


Priya Suresh said...

Wat a fabulous breakfast to kick start a day,thanks for sending CL..

Swathi said...

Barely breakfast cereal sounds delicious.

Preety said...

This could be a perfect breakfast for a healthy start

Cham said...

Even for me barley water reminds my mom.
This one is a perfect healthy breakfast!

Unknown said...

ok, that definitely sounds superb for breakfast :)

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