Monday, March 28, 2011

Strawberry Fool

A Fruit Fool is a simple English dessert where the fruit puree is mixed with whipped cream,sugar and optionally rosewater. I made a simple strawberry fool and here it is in all its pink splendour.I have referenced several recipes for the fool and have used this one as my base. It is nothing but whip cream,fold in the puree,chill and serve.

Strawberries: atleast 1/2 cup washed,hulled and sliced/chopped.
Sugar: as needed

Cream: 1 cup or so
Icing Sugar/ Confectioners Sugar/Powdered Sugar: as needed to whip cream and as per taste
Vanilla : optional

Strawberry slices ,chocolate shavings etc

Puree the strawberries adding sugar and keep aside. You can strain/sieve the puree optionally.I did not.

Whip the cream adding icing sugar and vanilla till soft peaks form. Mix in the puree adding more puree if needed to get a pink cream. Pour in dessert bowls and chill till set -for atleast 2 hours.

Garnish with sliced strawberres and serve.

Mine was not completely set.Its was a bit wobbly at the centre but was creamy enough to hold the garnish without sinking them to the bottom. I had used the cream available here which is low in fat than the required double cream. But still the dessert was perfect for hot afternoons and can easily be reproduced with pther fruits as well.
The pretty pink dessert is visiting MM:Think Pink at MaisonCupcake, an event by Meeta


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