Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easy Chana Chaat -Black Chickpeas in an Indian Style Salad

This is a simple and easy chana chaat or Black Chickpeas Salad Indian Style. Chaat is a street food and is a favourite of mine. There are different versions of chaat with varying ingredients and condiments like chutneys,spices, chaat masala etc. This one with chana or black chickpeas is something that I toss together quickly and is definitely not the authentic or the traditional one. It is like a spiced chickpeas salad but equally hearty,healthy and is filling teatime snack.

Black Chickpeas: atleast 1/2cup presoaked and cooked adding salt.
Potato: atleast 1 boiled,peeled and chopped into pieces
Tomatoes,Onions,Raw mangoes: chopped into pieces

Roasted Cumin Powder
Black Salt
Chilli Powder
White Pepper Powder
Amchur Powder (voidif using raw mangoes)

Salt :as per taste
Coriander Leaves: 1-2 tbsp + more for garnish
Lemon Juice
Sev,Chaat masala : for garnish

Presoak and cook chickpeas adding salt and till done. I used a pressure cooker for this. You can do it on stove top as well. Drain out the water and keep aside the chickpeas. You can use the water as a stock or other purposes like kneading the roti dough etc. Only thing is to remember that the water is salty.

Chop all the other ingredients into small pieces.Boil,peel and chop the  potatoes. While the chickpeas is still warm add in the chopped veggies and potatoes and toss in the masala powders -cumin,chili,white pepper and black salt as well.Adjust the regular salt as well. At the time of serving, fold in chopped cilantro,add more cilantro for garnish.Also garnish with sev and a dash of lemon juice or even a quick sprinkle of store bought chaat masala.Serve with masala pappads or lemon wedges or more onions or whatever way you like.

This is just a mix and match chaat. I have seen versions where people who do not like the raw onions,add it after sauteeing. The amount of powders is as per your liking, but I make sure I add more black salt and roasted cumin powder and just a pinch of white pepper and not black pepper.Optionally go for the store bought chaat masala instead or in addition to spices Fold in the cilantro at last so that the freshness is retained where as fold in the onion and tomatoes while the chickpeas is still warm so that the rawness cannot be tasted (thats my assumption). Since raw mangoes were available, I added them chopped into pieces.Otherwise I would be adding amchur or dried mango powder. You can add bell peppers,blanched sweetcorn etc but make sure chickpeas is the king ingredient.

Other interesting chana chaats I have seen: Soma's Chola MixMeera's Chana Chaat etc.

Hope this is acceptable at AWED:Indian at Taste of Pearl City,an event by DK.


Swathi said...

This one is killer chana chat love it.

Priya Suresh said...

Give me that bowl,would love to finish rite now...yummmy!

Myvegfare said...

Yup! me too.., give me the bowl, only I have to fight with my eldest for this bowl, she loves Black chickpeas, she is waiting to go to India asking amma to make usal, which she adores

KrithisKitchen said...

Love the plate with the chaat.. i would wanna try sometime..
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