Friday, April 22, 2011

Strawberry Almond Crumble

Crumble is an English dessert that has stewed fruits and crumbly topping made with flour,oats etc. It is similar to fruit crisps popular in US. I love trying out different crumbles/crisps as they are easy to make and we can finish off any fruit that has been lying in the fridge for more than a few days. I had earlier tried plum crumble and this time I tried strawberry and almond crumble that I had bookmarked from Food Network,again a recipe by Nigella Lawson.I had made slight changes in that I had added almond meal in the topping and not just with fruit as the recipe suggests.

Fresh strawberries: around 1.5 cups ,washed and hulled
Caster Sugar: 2-3 tbsp
Almond Meal: 3 tbsp 
(I coarsely powdered whole almonds in the mixer/blender in short bursts)
Vanilla: 2 tsp

Flour: 1/4 cup
Almond Meal: 2-3 tbsp
Baking powder: 1/2 tsp
Cold Cubed Butter: 2 tbsp

Almonds: handful chopped (around 3-4 tbsp)
Sugar:3 tbsp or as per taste

Prepare the topping by mixing first the flour,almond meal and baking powder. Rub in the cubed cold butter and pinch and fluff everything till it resembles coarse sand.Fold in the chopped almonds and sugar and mix well.

In a suitable baking dish,put the hulled strawberries and top it with almond meal,caster sugar and vanilla.

Give it a good shake to mix everything.Top the mixed berries with spoonfuls of topping mix we have prepared.Cover the strawberries in an even layer. Most probably little topping mix may be leftover in which case you can store in the fridge for later use.

Bake in a preheated oven at 400F for about 25- 30 minutes or until the topping has started to brown and liquid from the berries bubbles.Keep an eye after 20 minutes onwards.Mine was done around 23 minutes or so. 

Take out and cool for about 10 minutes. Serve  by placing spoonfuls or scoopfuls into dessert bowl/plate along with whipped cream and more strawberries.

You can also bake it in individual bake and serve ramekins for lesser time or reduced temperature and serve as such. This reduces the mess of scooping and serving and the bowl and the picture :) looks much more inviting.Do check out Deeba's Strawberry Apple Crumble.


Priya Suresh said...

Yumm crumble with strawberries looks simply out of the world..

Unknown said...

WOW! this seems like a delicious and quick gratification dessert - lovely post - thanks for sharing the recipe ..I will certainly be giving this a try

Unknown said...

Looks absolutely awesome and drool-worthy :)

Cham said...

We have loads of juicy strawb here now, delicious one!

Suganya said...

Could imagine the smell of or house when it was baked.... YUM!

Swathi said...

Strawberry almond crumble looks awesome crispy and delicious.

Torviewtoronto said...

looks wonderful with the strawberries

chef and her kitchen said...

Lovely dessert...would love 2 dig in..

Alessandra said...

Nice! I think that putting almonds in crumble is a great idea!


sam henderson said...

Ummm... I like strawberries. I like almonds. I love crumble. I'm making this. So glad to have happened upon your site.

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