Thursday, January 12, 2012

Britannia NutriChoice Multigrain Thins -a Snexy Review

A few days back a group of us friends met for the usual chitchat and gossip session and I tagged along with me the healthy Britannia Multigrain Thins - the classic Indian spice one or the Masala Thins  and the Herbed tomato thins.I was supposed to review the them and what more better than to get opinion from foodie friends while enjoying a hot cuppa.

Most of us are fans of fried snacks. We love our puris,vadas and jalebis for breakfast, pakoda kadhi and fried starters for lunch and pakoras/bhajias/fritters with tea are a must especially in winter or rainy seasons. If we face health problems then we blame it on oil and these fried items, but still continue munching on them. But recently there has been and awareness among the public regarding this and slowly we are saying adieu to fried snacks and giving health main priority and changing our lifestyle.

It is here that Brand Britannia NutriChoice -pioneers in biscuits- introduces us to healthy baked snacks - Multigrain Thins and Multigrain Roasty Mixture.

Britannia NutriChoice Multigrain Thins are low fat,low cholestrol baked  crackers or 'namkeen' as we can also say,which are perfect with tea or anytime snacking.Rather than having a pakoda with tea or even fat laden biscuits you can enjoy a packet of thins guilt free. At present it comes in 3 flavours - Classic Indian Spiced, Mediterranean Herb and Tomato and Lime n' Mint. I have tried the first two and can guarantee than you will enjoy them. These are available at a low and affordable price of Rs.10/- per bag or Rs. 30/- per carton.

Multigrain refers to the presence of oats,corn,ragi, wheat and rice. We should be happy that the snack is free of the fat laden refined flour and is crisply baked and flavoured. There is also a misconception that baked can also mean lots of butter/margarine. But Britannia assures us that the snack is low in calories and fat especially compared to fried snacks.

Multigrain Roasty is a  mixture of roasted grains and pulses. We have always loved our chaats, now its time to bring a healthy change there as well. A slight change that goes a long way.

As for out ladies' High Tea :D, of the two flavours majority preferred the Classic Spiced one for Tea while the tomato herb one was thought of as the kiddie favourite. Well, I am big tomato fan and also love the spices so my vote went for both.

Coming from Britannia NutriChoice, the snacks are very snexy and we can be relieved that we have found a snack that loves us back.So lets toast to Britannia Multigrain Thins and have a healthy beginning this new year.


Priya Suresh said...

Wish to munch some rite now, will ask my sis to send some packets to us..lovely review..

Cham said...

I like the shape they made it, very thin like dieting snack!

Vimitha Durai said...

I tried and we like it...

Unknown said...

nice post will try this pak.. How are you?

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