Wednesday, January 18, 2012

'Pear' -adise @ Tasty Tangles

Know your Pear -

Pears are available year round and in different varieties. You definitely must have tasted several as well. But how well you know the fruit? They are actually related to apple family and like the latter have few seeds in the core. :)

Did You know that Pear was described as a gift of Gods ? Greek Poet Homer in his Odyssey described it thus. At that time it was considered as a luxury though nowadays several varieties are available even local ones. The world's largest suppliers are USA, China and Italy.

The sweetest of all known sugars -Levulose is said to be found in pears. Also the peel/skin of the fruit gives you the necessary fiber.The fibre in pears is said to reduce or lower the cholestrol levels in the body.

The fruit is rich in vitamin C and copper which are anti oxidants and strengthen the immunity of the body.They themselves have no cholestrol or sodium and are free from saturated fat.

Pears are hypoallergenic fruits. Doctors recommend pears as it is less likely to produce  adverse reactions as compared to other fruits.

Pears are rich in potassium and reduce the cancer risk.

Pears in Cooking..
Now that you have read this and had the fruit, have you ever thought of including it in the routine cooking and I do not mean adding pears to your porridge or breakfast cereal or making fruit raithas!. How about turning them into stirfries or springroll filling?

Confused? Read On.......

Few days back, I have been invited to a cooking demo by Chef  Vicky Ratnani as a part of the USA Pears promotional campaign at the Tasty Tangles, UB City Mall, Bangalore. This was the my third demo- or rather encounter- with the superchef and I knew he would not disappoint me.

He had laid out a wonderful spread of Pear Spring rolls with pear wasabi dip and a sweet chili sauce

Stirfried Pears with bokchoy and water chestnuts

Last but never the least delightful Pear Payasam.

I known you are going through the pictures, but I sincerely wish you all were there to taste it.

As I had mentioned above, USA is one of the largest supplier of pears. The are atleast 8 varieties of pears, which are marketed under the brand USAPears and are available year round.They are perfect for snacking anytime as well. 

Take a break with USA pears this New Year and move towards a healthy life style.. As for my recipes with pears wait and watch this space..


Cham said...

Ahh Pear payasam what a concoction :) Pear- so many to choose here!

Priya Suresh said...

Cant believe those dishes are prepared with pears..he rocks.

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