Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mango Lassi - Indian Mango Smoothie

When I first heard the term smoothie, I wondered was it not same as lassi?. You blend fruit and yogurt with occasional milk and make lassi. The same goes for smoothie ofcourse, which makes them same.What you call smoothie in US and other parts,its called lassi here in India. Anyways come mango season, we get to see the mango lassies or smoothies or whatever you call. Its typically a part of North Indian and Punjabi culture (FYI, Punjab is a state in North West India). South India has more savoury lassies or chhaas or sambharam or 'neer mor' or in plain English the spiced buttermilk. I prefer savoury buttermilk and and had once considered the fruit yogurt combo as a dangerous one- thats another story. But an occasional glass of sweet mango lassi does not hurt.

Mango :chopped : 1.5 cups (preferably alphonso)
Yogurt: 1.5 cups or more as needed (preferably thick and not too sour)
Milk: 4-6 tbsp as needed
Sugar: 2+ tbsp as per taste

Cardamom: powdered : 1or more pinch
Saffron: few strands dry roasted and mixed with milk
Mint leaves: few
Nuts: cashew /pista: handful 

Garnish: chopped nuts/mint/saffron/your choice

Blend all the ingredients to a smooth puree, adding more or less milk/yoghurt to adjust the thickness and smoothness or tang and sugar according to taste.

Serve in glasses/cups optionally garnished.

You can add any one or more of the optional ingredients to enhance the taste. Mango and cardamom is an excellent and traditional combo. Mango and mint add a refreshing taste as well. When using mint leaves, if needed you can strain to obtain a leaf free lassi/smoothie.

Not much of a recipe and though I can describe it as tasty, the proof of the drink is in this pic.My daughter laps up mango but is choosy with her yogurt based dishes!. But definitely the picture says a thousand beautiful words.:)


Tina said...

Creamy and yummy.

Priya Sreeram said...

tht's a sweet pic of your daughter- delightful

Priya Suresh said...

Thick smoothie makes me drool..Lovely last click.

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Nice yummy

Cham said...

Love the last picture- she should have enjoyed the mango smoothie a lot!

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