Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Crunchy Seed Cookies | Baking Partners #20

Its been long time since I posted a recipe. Though I posted  two reviews, the main intention of the blog is to post tried & tasted recipes. So finally here I am with a long due recipe. 

Though I was supposed to post it on 15th of Feb thanks to my  so-called "super-fast" net connection, I was stuck without phone or net. It seemed like I was in dark ages. But ofcourse now I am back and please try out these crunchy and healthy cookies from Alice Medrich's Chewy, Gooey, Crispy, Crunchy chosen by Swathi for Baking Partners #19

Black Sesame: 1 tbsp
White Sesame: 1 tbsp
Flax Seeds: 1 tbsp
Fennel: 1 tbsp
Demerara Sugar: 2 tbsp

All Purpose Flour: 1 cup + 2 tbsp
Cream of tartar: 1/2 tsp
Baking Soda: 1/2 tsp
Salt: 1/8 tsp

Soft Butter: 4 tbsp
Sugar: 8 tbsp or 1/2 cup
Vanilla : 1 tsp
Egg: 1/2 of a large egg  or 3/4 tsp Ener G + 1-2 tbsp of water (optional)

Mix seeds and demerara sugar  in a shallow plate and keep aside.

Mix together flour,salt, cream of tartar and baking soda in another bowl thoroughly.In a third deep large bowl, cream together with a spoon or whisk or blender sugar and butter until well blended but not fluffy. 

Add in the vanilla and egg if using and mix until smooth. 

Add in flour mix half at a time and mix with hand until completely mixed to get a dough.

On a lightly dusted counter top or in between plastic sheets roll out the dough into an 8" square which is 1/2" thick. 

Sprinkle the dough with half of the seeds and sugar mix. Roll tightly over the seeds with the rolling pin to press them in. Turn over the dough. This is easier within plastic sheets..Repeat the process of sprinkling seeds and rolling over on this side as well. 

Cut into cookies with your choice of cookie cutter preferably heart as these can be served for Valentines' Day as well. Carefully lift with a spatula and transfer to a lined but not greased baking sheet. 

Bake in a preheated oven at 190C for about 14 minutes until browned at the top.

Take out and serve warm or cool on a wire rack. 

Crunchy cookies with the goodness of seeds. They definitely leave a lingering taste and I did like this after taste. The cookies are correctly sweet -not too much sugar for sugaraholics but I liked them. 

Now lets take a look at Swathi's post on who all baked a Valentine cookie.


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