Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Four Seasons Wine& Weber Grill Live Cookout | Weeking Grilling at Hyatt

How do you normally spend a weekend? Sleeping, catching up with friends, cooking delicacies, reading ... etc etc.For me, I am literally down on weekends. I only plan on where we need to go out. I can work like donkey (not exageration) on weekdays, but come saturday morning , I don't want to get up from bed. 

Well more about me later. We have lot more time to discuss that and let me assure you I am trying to change that.

By the way,did I say catching up with friends... how? Just going with them for shopping, eating out ,one place to another, comparing buffets, trying out new cuisines and exchanging notes? Okay the above activities are done by foodies mostly who also sometime enjoy the company by grilling and wining..

When I got an invite from Team Gingerclapps for a live cookout at The Hyatt courtesy Weber grill  & Four Seasons Wines thats exactly what I thought would happen .. bloggers talking over brunch with the chefs cooking at live counters!. 

So much for all the thoughts..

The realisation dawned when we were divided into groups of 4 for cooking pasta and grilled chicken. It was actually a "WOW" moment.The dishes were spinach tortellini in saffron cream sauce and Jamaican jerk chicken. We were given the recipes and the spices and seasonings and all the ingredients and garnishes were ready. We just had to bring it all together with a final cooking and if possible add our own touch to it.I had two wonderful bloggers along with me -Nishita Kumar & Nilu Yasmeen Thapa

The  Executive Chef , Hyatt, Mr . Gautam Chaudhary and his team of chefs who helped all of us and nicely demonstrated the dishes and grilling basics. 

It was fun cookout and we got to grill our veggies and Jamaican Jerk Chicken and present it nicely for Chief Winemaker, Four Seasons Mr Abay Kewadkar. Also present were Mr Aslam Gafoor COO, Weber Grill India and Mr. Madhav Sehgal , GM Hyatt.

And ofcourse ours was supposed to be the BEST.. ahem ahem. (loudly please, I can't hear the applause)

We got to see and work with different commercial /industrial grills from Weber and see for ourselves how the charcoal grill imparts a smoky flavour to the food and how the electric one works faster.Now that summer is fast approaching, get yourself grill -ready. You can pick from the range of domestic grills from Weber, the leading manufacturer of charcoal & gas grills , also grilling accessories. .

Also had an insight about the four seasons wines. India's finest wine maker Abhay Kewadkar gave tips on matching food and wine. If you like white wine, please try Viognier, if you have not already. Its supposed to the best.  Blush & Merlot pair very well with most of the dishes and the barique range of reserve wines matches well with grilled food. You can check out the Fourseasons site to know the wonderful range of wines. The award winning range of FourSeasons wines have been crafted with the technical expertise of Bouvet-Ladubay, and perfectly compliment different cuisines.

Overall it was an experience not be missed. I am just hastily putting some pics of the cookout  and if interested you can watch the video here.

A glass of chilled wine, good food and company of friends, what more do you need on a weekend.


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