Monday, June 23, 2008

Easy Vegetable Stew

Yesterday I was making rice noodles/idiappam and made veg stew to go with it. Usually I am too tired and lazy to relish what I cook.But one taste of the stew and I patted myself that I have entered the next stage of becoming a good cook.I was so proud and excited and happy and everything that I wanted to blog it ASAP.Alas,I had other familial duties,so I had to wait till today.Here goes my recipe.

Potato - 1 big,
Green Chillies-2/3
Ginger-1 inch piece
Mixed vegetables -carrot,peas,beans,cauliflower,sweet corn peas- 1 cup
(I used these vegetables -fresh as well as frozen ones)
Coconut Milk - Thick milk of 1/2 coconut
Salt - as per taste

Chop all the vegetable into square pieces. Add squarely chopped onion,slit green chillies,chopped ginger and salt to the veggies. Add little water just to cover the veggies and boil them.Once boiled add the thick coconut milk to them and check the salt.Heat the stew.Do not boil after adding coconut milk. Garnish with curry leaves and few drops of fresh coconut oil. Serve with idiappams or appams.
You can prepare coconut milk by grinding scraped coconut and very little water in the chutney jar of your mixer and the filtering it.Otherwise mix warm water to coconut milk powder.

This is a Kerala dish. The recipe varies from region to region,area to area, and sometimes house to house.This recipe is actually from the Thrissur/Trichur side and is so far the easiest.

This is my enty for AFAM-Coconut for this month.


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