Monday, July 6, 2009

Aepler Magarone - Swiss Farmer's Pasta

This is a simple peasant style pasta dish popular in Swiss cuisine.It is nothing but creamy macaroni with potatoes with almost no spices except salt & pepper.It is usually served with apple sauce though I served it as a single healthy one pot meal.I adapted the recipe I found here and also referenced here .The dish basically has pasta,potatoes,cream/milk based sauce and cheese.I used mozarrella instead of Swiss cheese.

Macaroni Pasta: 1 cup
Potatoes: cubed 3/4 cup or 1 medium potato
Onion: 1 medium size cut into rngs or long thin strips
Milk: 3-4 tbsp
Heavy/Lowfat Cream: 2-3 tbsp
Mozarella Cheese: 2-4 tbsp
Salt & Pepper: as per taste

Cook the pasta 'al dente' as per package instructions.Peel,cube/chop the potato into small pieces and cook along with pasta in the same salted water.Drain and keep aside.

In a small pan,melt butter and add the onion rings and brown them.

In a small pan,mix together milk and cream and warm these slowly.Take a greased bowl/ individial serving bowls and add a layer of potato + pasta on it.Sprinkle pepper and pinch of salt.Top it with a layer of fresh grated cheese.Then repeat the potato-pasta layer,salt pepper,cheese . It looks like....

Once the top is reached pour few table spoons of the warmed milk mix and top it with more cheese.

Bake in a preheated oven at 350 for 5-10 minutes till the cheese melts and the sides start browning.

Serve warm topped with browned onion rings with Applesauce as is traditional or simply with more salt and pepper as I did.I was thinking the dish would be bland,but it was delicious.hearty and filling.If you are a spicy person,then you can add red chilli flakes as well.

This is again going to AWED:Swiss hosted by yours truly and started by DK of ChefIn You.Do send me Swiss entries for the event till 10th of this month when I will be publishing the roundup.Also do check out the next AWED at Simran's Bombayfoodie.


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