Sunday, July 12, 2009

Culinary Train Through Switzerland

The culinary train through Switzerland started one fine morning last month and the train which normally takes hours to go through the several cantons (states) of Switzerland took almost a month but was filled with culinary delights.

All the passengers were welcomed by delicious,yet sinful hot chocolate by Simran of BombayFoodie.

Following this they had a choice of perfect breakfast-microwave muesli by Priya

or uncooked yet fruity yogurt muesli by yours truly.

The second breakfast course were traditional rostis by Priya

And cheesy mini bellpepper rostis by yours truly.

As the train chugged on and hours passed,we were served light fruity refreshment and what do we have on its side ,delicous chocolate fondue by Priya

and another delicious chocolatefondue by Shri of TastyTouch.

By the time the fondue was polished off,we had reached our midpoint of Graubunden and it was lunchtime.What do we see ,Yasmeen welcomes us with traditional Graubunden Barley soup

accompanied by WholeGrain Rosemary Zopf. Too perfect and hearty

But wait,Lunch is not over yet.We have another choice of soup in Oatmeal soup by Rekha of Plantainleaf.

After heartily partaking the soup as the trains moves on to Tincini Rekha again presents her hearty and aromatic saffron rissotto

After such heavy lunch our eyes close and the train slowly inches forward only to be rejuvenated by the tasty yet amateurish magenbrot by yours truly.

This will be enough for us till suppertime just before our final destination where breads and pastas are awaiting us.

At suppertime,we are greeted by AWED Chef DK of ChefInYou with here beautiful zopf-I literally could not take my eyes off the pic.

Abhirami of Soulful Creations also presents her zopf which is equally hearty.

Other options in the supper are AeplerMagaronen orSwiss Farmers Pasta by Dipali where she serves it with tradional applesauce and also studded it with mushrooms for a different taste.

We also have another AeplerMagrone by Yours truly as well.

After stuffing with these goodies which were smaller in number yet very hearty we arrive at the final destination.There are several more vegetarian recipes in Swiss cuisine and several baked goodies.Do checkout Rosa's YummyYums and FXCuisine for more recipes and also the history behind them.Also if someone sends me another Swiss vegetarian recipe I will be updating the round up including them as well.
UPDATE on July 18th,2009.Few days back I received a late entry of Swiss Potato Gratin from Minu (better late than never,the gratin is simply delicious) and I am including it here

By the Way our final arriving place is Britain and we are AWED to see Simran waiting for us with AWED:Britain.


Unknown said...

wow nice and flavorfull Train journey sweatha.great job dear.

Priya Suresh said...

Enjoyed the extra ordinary train journey CL!!delectable dishes together looks fantastic!

Tasty said...

Loved your train journey..Enjoyed the way you presented the roundup!

Doloncookbook said...

Loved your full journey with those yummy recipes & pictures ... Great job ...

Yasmeen said...

love the fun presentation,Wish I could travel to Switzerland right now :D

chef and her kitchen said...

Loved ur Train journey..Wish I could have accompanied in that journey dear..

Pari Vasisht said...

I missed your train dear. Hi I am Pari a new blogger and still exploring this world. Would love to see you visiting my blog and hear more from you.

Pari Vasisht said...

Hi! I read all the comments and realised that you are blessed with a baby. Hearty congrats dear and a lovely post, the vegetables look yum.

Thanks for visiting my Blog

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