Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mixed Bean Salad

This is a simple salad made of mixed beans like ed Kidney beans(Rajma),Cannelini and moong with a tomato basil dressing.The dish is very simple yet hearty and healthy as a side.The recipe is from Tarla Dalal's cookbook but adapted as per availability of items.

Mixed beans: 1/2 cup
(I used red kidney beans(rajma),cannelini beans and whole moong (green gram))
Onion: 1 medium finely chopped if possible in rings
Tomato: 1 medium finely diced.

Fresh Basil: few leaves
Lemon Juice
Olive Oil
Garlic: minced 1 clove
Salt & Pepper

Presoak and cook the beans together.I did not soak moong beans.Mix the cooked beans and finely chopped onions and diced tomatoes.If interested remove the tomato pulp and then mix it with the beans.Mix all the ingredients in the dressing including salt & pepper and add it to the bean onion tomato mixToss/Mix well.Serve the salad chilled or at room temperature garnished with fresh basil and optional salt and pepper.

This is a basic recipe for a simple salad.You can add or remove ingredients and even use other available fresh herbs like coriander,rosemary,mint etc.

The simplest salad is on way to take part in MLLA -13th helping started by TheWellSeasoned Cook Susan and currently hosted by Sunny SunshineMom


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