Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crunchy Beet Cookies

This is a simple or rather amaeteurish experiment that I did,but the result was crunchy cookies that were tasty and obviously with the benefit of beets.They turned out good hence I am posting it.I found Beet cookies in a cookbook and also Vanilla cookies in another cookbook.The latter appealed to me and I decided to add pureed beets to it and see what happens.It was much better than the plain vanilla for sure.

Raw Beet Puree: 2 tbsp peel,grate and puree raw beet in a blender without adding water.

All Purpose Flour: 3/4 cup
Baking Powder: almost 1/4 tsp
Salt: a small pinch
Castor Sugar /Powdered Sugar: 6 tbsp

Vegetable Shortening/Dalda Vanaspati : 6 tbsp melted
Vanilla essence : 1-2 tsp (optional)

In a medium bowl, whisk together flour ,baking powder,salt and powdered sugar.Add in raw beet puree and mix well.Add in melted shortening and optionally vanilla essence. Mix well to form a dough.The dough will be crumbly.

Pinch tablespoonful or small pieces of dough and press together in hand and flatten it to a circle .If interested you can shape it using a cookie cutter.Place the unbaked cookies in a lined/greased (I did both) baking sheet.

Bake in a preheated oven at 160C (320F) for 20-25 minutes till the bottom starts browning and the cookies rise.Take out and let it cool in the baking sheet itself for 10 minutes till they harden and become crunchy.

The first batch were done by 20 minutes itself.I allowed the cookies to harden in the oven itself after turning it off. Its not necessary to do the same.You can also adjust the baking temperature and bake these.The second batch of small size cookies I baked for additional 2 minutes and allowed them to cool in the same baking sheet outside the oven.After ten minutes they were more brownish than the first batch,the bottoms turning almost blackish.So do adjust the temperature and bake.

Also instead of beets spinach puree can also be used.If you do not like to add anything,simply omit the beet puree and add vanilla and also top the unbaked cookie with candied cherries/tutty frutti to obtain plain vanilla cookies.


Divya Kudua said...

Wow..beets in cookies is something totally new.They look all pinky pinky and cute..and eggless too.Got to give a try!!

Sunshinemom said...

Looks very interesting! I like the idea of beets in cookies:)

Unknown said...

wow adding beet s to this cookies makes them more healthy soooooooooo creative looks crisp also thinking to give a try..... will try..

Cham said...

Beets give a nice pink color! Ur cookie idea is simply delicious!

Nithya said...

Amazing creativity.. Lovely dish.. I really cant predict the taste.. would surely try it out soon.

Lisa Turner said...

Now that's different and something that would appeal to me. I once made a beetroot cake that I very much enjoyed. Will try this for sure!

Suma Gandlur said...

I should say this is novel. The classic vanilla cookies get a makeover.:)

prasu said...

Lovely recipe dear........healthy and yummy idea.

Tina said...

Looks different and healthy.

jayasree said...

Idea of beet puree in cookies is interesting. It has given a kind of marble effect to the cookies.

chef and her kitchen said...

interesting one dear..:)

Priya Suresh said...

CL wow cant believe my eyes, such a colourful beets cookies, never thought of making cookies with beets, looks marvellous..

Bombay Foodie said...

They look very nice and colorful for sure

Shaheen said...

Beetroot in cookies, now that is a new one on me and one I would like to try. Hopefully soon when I pull out some fresh beetroot from my garden plot. Thank you so much for introducing us to the recipe.

Belocas said...

Muito interessante esta ideia. Devem ficar mesmo atraentes .

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