Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cheddar Crisps

"Can you Keep a Secret ? " by Sophie Kinsella follows the same manner of her shopaholic series. I can assure you that you won't keep the book down.Even if you turn pages with a derision for such books you just cannot ignore the book.Well,I loved it.It is not a serious life changing book but simply a timepass book with revenge,love,dreams etc and while reading through we get a 'deja vu' feeling if you have read the shopaholic series but its a laugh riot and we feel refreshed which is a must for any book.

The book tells us about Emma Corrigan who is an assistant marketing executive and wants to make it big in the Panther Corporation -or rather a Marketing Executive in the company.She wants to stick to the job as she wants her family to know that she is not a disappointment or one who leaves things half done or loses interest midway and simply drifts through life.She wants to prove a point to her cousin who being orphan has been her family's pet.She has several such small disappointments and fears which she has not told anyone including her best friend.But on a flight -she is scared of flying - she pours her heart out to a stranger during turbulence and what do you know next ? He's her Boss or rather the owner of her company !!.Well, read the book to know more,its my secret. :D

As for food references there were odd example of crisps and quiches and roasted nuts (which were very expensive) and coffee.One of the complaints /secret she had was the office coffee tasted yuck.And the first thing the owner did was change the vending machine.I wish I had such a boss (well,its not a secret anymore that I gave up working along time back,but whats in a wish?)

Anyway I went for the easiest one the cheese crisps or rather the Cheddar Cheese crisps.No flour,no mixing or buttering,just grate and bake and eat.

Cheddar Cheese :grated 1 cup
Pepper: optional as per taste

Grate the cheese in a bowl .

Take a rounded table spoon of cheese and place it in a parchment lined baking sheet.Spread with our fingers into a thin circle. Repeat with the remaining cheese and leave a gap of few inches between each round as it will expand on baking.
Sprinkle with pepper on these rounds if required.Else you can leave it plain or add other spices intead of pepper.

Bake in a preheated oven at 350F for 4 minutes onwards till the cheese rounds start browning.Take it out of the oven let it cool on the baking sheet and then slowly with a pancake turner peel them off the parchment and onto a paper towel.

Serve them with dips or with soups.I served it with chilled garlic soup.

The exact time depends on the oven and how thin you have made the rounds.Start with just 4 to 6 crisps so that you can get an idea of the baking time.The crisps harden as they cool so leave them in the baking sheet itself.
Lets see what other have cooked for Emma and Sophie?


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