Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spaghetti al Burro

Fettucine Alfredo is a simple yet classic dish made with fettucine pasta and Alfredo sauce.Now alfredo sauce is nothing but a mix of butter and parmesan cheese.In Italy,this dish is known as pasta al burro or pasta with butter. It was popularised in US by chef Alfredo di Lelio who attached his name to the pasta which came to be called pasta alfredo or to be exact fettucine alfredo as it is excellent with fresh fettucine pasta and traditionally made so. You can know more about this dish from Wiki.

There are several version of this dish some with cream and butter and parmesan while some go for a sauce made from butter,milk,cornstarch/flour as thickeners etc.As per wiki the original recipe in the MSNBC site has just butter and parmesan cheese and quite easy to make.I was a bit sceptical whether it was authentic and I found Simona of Briciole's recipe and was confident to make my own version with spaghetti pasta. There is nothing to the dish just mix the ingredients and enjoy.

Spaghetti: 1/3 rd of the packet

Butter: 2 tbsp+
Parmesan Cheese : 2tbsp

In a bowl mix together butter and grated parmesan cheese.The butter should preferably be at room temperature otherwise also it works.Also I must say that my parmesan cheese is powdered and not the fresh one.So I added more butter to get a sauce though if you try this do so with fresh parmesan.

Meanwhile boil the pasta in salted water till al dente.Take out the pasta with a ladle and put in in the bowl with butter and cheese and stir well.The heat from the pasta will melt the cheese and butter and a smooth rich sauce will be formed which can be made more liquidy or thin with the addition of little pasta water.Serve in bowl as such or garnished with pepper or your choice of spices and herbs or topped with grilled/roasted/steamed veggies.I served it as such.

Simple,delicious and buttery.I hope Sowmya accepts my version of pasta al burro for Cooking with Pasta


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