Thursday, April 22, 2010

Indian Style Tofu Bites

This is a simple tofu recipe where tofu cubed are first marinated in Indian spice powders and then baked to hearty spicy bites which can be served as starter snacks or added to salad.I must thank my dear Blogger friend Madhuram of egglesscooking for this recipe. I have tried tofu in several different ways but this is a hearty Indian style recipe that is alltime favourite in my house.

Tofu: 1 packet preferably extra firm

Veg Oil: 2 tbsp+
Kitchen King Masala or any other curry powder : 1 tbsp+/-
Redchilli Powder : 1/2 tsp+
Turmeric Powder : a pinch
Salt :as per your taste
Lemon Juice:1/2 lemon or as per taste
Red food Color: optional (I did not add any)

Drain tofu on several paper towels for atleast 1-2 hours.The tofu should be preferably extra firm.Mine was not so and I drained for several hours.Cut the drained tofu in bite sized cubes or pieces.

In a ziplock bag /any container with bowl mix together the ingredients of marinade.Add the tofu cubes and lock/zip the bag/container and shake well so that all the tofu pieces are well coated.You can increase or decrease the quantity of ingredients as per taste.I reduced oil to around 1.5 tbsp and increased the lemon juice and also increased the spice powder quantity to suit my palate.

Keep the bag/container in the fridge where it should sit for atleast 30 minutes to several hours so that the flavours are absorbed into the tofu.

Once this is done,place the cubes from the bag/container onto a lined and lightly oiled baking sheet.It looks like..

Bake the cubes in a preheated oven at 400F for about 15-20 minutes or more until the top starts slightly browning and a wonderful aroma permeats the house.

The original recipe went for 425F and a baking of 25+ minutes.I reduce to 400F and still mine was ready by 12-15 minutes.Also the original recommended broiling for around 10 minutes which I omitted as mine was already started browning at the edges and the tofu cubes looked dry and crispy.So I presume it depends on the size of tofu pieces and also the oven conditions and how you prefer the tofu cubes whether crusty/crunchy/ soft etc.

Well,I had perfect starters thanks to Madhuram and these go straight to WeekendWokking:Tofu an event by Wandering Chopsticks and currently hosted by YoursTruly.Do send in the delicious Tofu entries till May 2,2010 for this event and well enjoy the tofu bites.


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